Severe hearing loss - best hearing aids 2023

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I have severe hearing loss. Now I have Phonak Marvel 90-SP and I hate it. I tested Phonak Audeo Lumity 90, and I love it. The sound of the speaker was clear and intelligible, phone call and via videoconference but I have a problem with noise… hearing aids reduce noise and speech as a result, speech becomes understandable but barely audible and this is very annoying, even uncomfortable, because without looking at the mouth I can’t understand anything the same situation occurs when driving a car.

The prosthetist apparently has no way to amplify the voice in loud situations. Should hearing aids mute all surroundings and speech? Should hearing aids reduce the volume of noise that is audible but less, but speech more?

In your opinion: What hearing aids should I try? I love Phonak Lumity really due to good speech understanding in calm situations but but noise problem is very irritating for me because i have problem in restaurant, car etc.

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In noise maybe a Roger mic would help? I love mine.

@Zebras and @kevels55 are the SMEs on these.



I love my Phonak Roger in every aspect of my life!

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I think most would say you have a profound loss. Do you know what your word recognition scores are?
My first suggestion would be an evaluation for cochlear implant. Second would be an Ultra Power BTE hearing aid. If you’re happy with your current aids except in noise, a remote microphone could help. For just one on one conversations, a PartnerMic could do it. For groups, a Roger On or Select.


The best hearing aid is the one that sounds best to you. I like phonak. You hated phonak. . I hated oticon. Some people love it. Hearing loss is a very individual thing. So try different brands. But there’s no such thing as the best.

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Note: Fixed

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You put the OPs highs at 130 dB and not 120 dB like it is in the audiogram.

Likely won’t make much difference tho.


Thanks for the quick and extensive replies. I’ve had this type of hearing loss most of my life and I’ve been doing great So I will test Phonak Naida Paradise and Oticon Xceed :slight_smile:

you need BTE UP with freq shifting on max and i would suggest to get a CI eval. there is no harm to see if you qualify but it is a tool in your disposal to get one.