Sensory hearing loss — other affects

I have sudden sensory hearing loss in my right ear. I went through the dizziness , it got better, what I still have is the feeling of numbness on the right side of my face and the feeling of sinus congestion on the right side. Both of these seem to get worse at night, This is almost worse than the hearing loss. I am 63 and was in vey good health . Does anyone else have these other symptoms?

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You have my empathy! I typically have issues with my RIGHT ear, too. Mine are weather-related, so that right ear (aid in or not!) tends to muffle sounds when the atmospheric pressure changes. I have a slightly deviated septum in my RIGHT nostril, so that may add to the issues.

I guess I’d recommend first seeing an ENT, and see if you may have some chronic sinusitus, either due to physical structure or if it’s an allergy of some sort. Could be multi-factorial, too.

The fact that you detect the sensation gettng worse at NIGHT seems to indicate some kind of sinus draining issue (if you sleep on back or sides).

Hopefully you can get some answers on what’s causing the RIGHT-sided issues. Come back and post what you find out!

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I suffered from SSHL in 12/2019. Numbness is not anything I suffered. A couple weeks before I had what felt like something pulling me to the left and also what was probably tinnitus.

The day I lost the hearing I had vertigo. It was nausea and dizziness. My hearing was a bit muffled and I thought I had wax in my ear. The problem is ER doctors should have some awareness of SSHL. If there isn’t any wax and no pain, it’s not a middle ear infection and don’t send someone home with a diagnosis of a middle ear. Infection. In fact, the ER is where I went deaf in the right ear. Since I have a lot of hearing loss in my other ear and didn’t have my HA’s, I thought I lost both ears. Someone presenting to an ER like this needs an ENT right away as I’ve read this is considered an emergency.

The numbness, do you have any issues with heart disease? You should have gone to an ER. I’m not a doctor and don’t want to scare anyone, but I would have gone to rule out a stroke. I know this has nothing to do with hearing and is only a suggestion, but numbness to the face can be dangerous and should be checked. The reason I say this is I do have heart disease, but mine is due to over 50 years of type 1 diabetes.

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I have been to two ent’s had a ear specific mri the only thing I’ve been told about the numbness is the same nerves that attach to the ear are also facial nerves??? They say a coclier might help me, not sure I want to go through all that if I can live with it

No one knows they are going deaf the first tome their ear stops up. So i’m sure most don’t run to the doctor for steroids. It was probably about 10 days for me before getting the steroids which did no good.

It sounds like you got some tests done, but NOT a firm diagnosis. Must be very frustrating! Even the suggestion about a cochlear implant seems premature without a diagnosis of WHAT that device is treating or compensating for.

Neurologist next?


I had a specialist liken a SSHL to someone having a stroke in the ear. So it seems logical to me that the numbness you have should hopefully resolve with time.

I had a SSHL late 2016, no nausea, dizziness or numbness. Just left me with severe profound hearing loss.

Good luck to you and whatever you decide to do.

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The problem is you show up to an emergency room late one night and if your dizzy, nautious , and can’t find why you don’t have wax although you feel like you do; you get sent home with the diagnosis of a middle ear infection though you don’t have any pain inyour ear.

This is as foreign to the ER doctors as a diabetic showing up with a problem with their insulin pump. You get the same stupid puzzled look from the doctor. There’s something wrong, but they have no idea what it is. It’s amazing that they stand there dumbfounded instead of thinking we can’t figure it out, perhaps we should contact an ENT, like maybe we should try to contact an endo or a diabetes nurse or educator with the diabetic com-founded by their pump that doesn’t seem to be working right.

Okay, I know when my pump isn’t working I’m calling the pump manufacturer’s 24 hour nurse line. It’s just so surprising as highly educated as doctors are, when it comes to simpler things, they don’t have common sense. Turns out you don’t find out what’s really wrong until it’s too late and the problem can’t be fixed. Funny thing is I had a CT scan and a MRI just after the hearing loss and it only took a hearing test for the ENT to diagnose me.


It’s tough dealing with sudden sensory hearing loss and the additional symptoms you’re experiencing. The numbness on the right side of your face and the feeling of sinus congestion could be related to the same underlying issue affecting your ear. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional, such as an ENT specialist, for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.
In some cases, these symptoms could be related to earwax buildup, especially if the hearing loss is conductive in nature. Ear wax removal Singapore could potentially alleviate these symptoms. If you haven’t already, consider visiting a specialist who can assess your condition and provide appropriate recommendations.