Searching for fitting software


I will buy an high end hearing device and for me it is important that I am able to do the fitting my self.

So if I deside to buy one I want to be sure, that the software is available

I have done a summary of all the software I know up to now.

Please feel free to sent my a private message with links to legal and free software.
I will add this at this place.


Himsa Update NoahLink

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Phonak IPFG 2.4


Resound aventa

Oticon otiset

Oticon Genie 2009.1 with SP1 (there is a password needed)
Update 2012:

If you need a cable than you will get what you ask for:
add some greetings from “Jürgen”


Self programming where to get hard- and software
Fitting software for Widex passion
Access to quality programming... F@*&^#
Self programming where to get hard- and software
Self programming where to get hard- and software
Self programming where to get hard- and software

unitron has a link to download its software…

Sonic Inn and magnatone has their fitting software free to download



This is the software I use. When you order the hardware interface it comes with the code to activate the software but you can click pass the message that your aids are not connected so you can see all the features of the fitting software as soon as you download and install. I found it to be easy to use and did not notice any bugs.



cant compare Unitron with America Hears, Unitron has far superior products…
i however, doubt Sonic In, Unitron or Magnatone would sell HI to you.
Thus, AH would be maybe the best choice



Phonak’s website also has its fitting software available for free downloading.



OK, please name some superior Unitron models and please provide links to the DSP data sheets. I would really like to compare them with America Hears.



xbulder I too would be interested to know if you have facts or just making noise.



Wow, I am impressed to see that some of the manufacturers are making their software available for download. Does one still have to purchase NOAH to make it work?

Also Juergan you will find the serial interface is not standard, audies use a chunk of hardware called a HiPro to convert to the instrument interface. These are not available through retail typically, but they do show up on eBay every now and then. And dont forget the cable.



Will the AmericaHears software work with, for example, Oticon Syncro 2 CIC aids? Or is Oticon’s Genie software available to the consumer? I would love to be able to tweak my aids, and the AH software demo makes it appear pretty easy to do it.



The software was designed by the company behind the ADRO technology (some now work at AH). At best it would have be aids based on the ADRO technology.

ANYONE interested in adjusting their own aids needs to check out those features as part of your buying decision the next time you buy.

Due to the artifical high hearing aid costs today those in Washington will be addessing hearing aid distribution directly sooner than some wish. :slight_smile:



You are much more hopeful about this than I am. I spent 24 years in law enforcement, so, by nature, I am a cynic.



Unitron 360 – AH wish they have an instrument like this

Unitron YUU

Ask any prof. in the forum, Siemens, Oticon, Phonak and others have far superior products…
AH wish they have something like the Siemens Pure, Oticon Epoq, Phonak Exelia, GN be, just to drop a few names
while they are pricey, they have far superior technology…



the problem is you need a hipro to program Oticon HI,
which is very costly. The Sincros are program with the old genie (genie 8)
their new fit soft (which unf. do not program sincros) is quite good



I did a brief check on and found scant technical information. They do claim that the 360 can correct those with hearing loss up to 120dB (Profound Loss), although the maximum realizable gain is only 82dB…:confused: Other than power, this 8-channel, 8-band unit claims the usual (1) Automatic control of directional mics (WDRC), (2) Loudness compression, (3)Feedback control, etc… Here is a link to a datasheet

Bottom line: The 360 seems to be designed for those with profound hearing loss. OTOH, AH units that use the Voyageur II DSP have an output dynamic range of 88dB and AH does not recommend them for users with profound hearing loss.

I agree with you that their price is outrageous - but exactly what did you mean about “better technology” ? Specifically, do you mean that their transistors are smaller or faster? Do you mean that WDRC is superior to ADRO? Please explain. :slight_smile:



Bells and whistles, bells and whistles. :rolleyes:



auto pro -2, datalogging, envirotough, etc etc

Adro was embrace by phonak @ one point in time, currently none of the big players uses adro - I have not seen any papers saying adro is better than WDRC or otherwise…

If you poll most of the prof. here, they would prob. agree in that most HI from top companies would perform better against AH .

Say you where to compare AH with Phonak Exelia, Siemens Pure, Oticon Epoq, GN Azure or Gn be, Starkey destiny 1600, Widex Mind 440 , etc…

Perhaps we need to poll the audis, His here



Many Thanks to Gayle for the link to AmericaHears software. I downloaded and played with the demo and I like it!! I could NOT find a download link for Phonak or Unitron instruments, just some info that is exists. I have sent in a request to see if they will sell to me and if it’s cost feasable. No point in me spending $1,000 for software even though I’m convinced that the fitting is probably more important than the technology in the aid. If anyone has a link for other software packagesd than I can review, I’d be grateful.



Joe I agree the fitting is more important than the technology because it all is quite advanced compared to a few years ago.

I think AH’s software/hardware programmer is a $149 option but it is listed at They have a sale going on for President’s Days for this month. The software and 60 days 100% refund plus saving $3400 over other local digital aids enabled me to try AH.

I found them to be keepers but would have returned them in a heart beat if that had not been the case. That would have been a $540 fee locally so trying AH first was NOT rocket science. :slight_smile:



Now you have!

Personally I don’t see how you would get a comparison from professionals on AH since none of they fit these instruments. It is my experience that a given fitter (office) will have the hook into him by one of the big boys (Phonak, Siemens…) and fit their instuments primarily. This makes sense because with the complexity of a given instrument, it is difficult to become an ‘expert’ fitting many types and brands.

As for all of the bells and whistles, I guess I would pose the question back to you. Can you site objective research that these provide for better hearing?



In your opinion, for 120 dB hearing loss, one will need 120 dB gain? :smiley: You sure don’t know what you are talking about :stuck_out_tongue:
With “only 82 dB” gain, the output power certainly reaches 140-145 dB SPL.

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