Scarred Ear Drum?

Does anyone know what it means really? I had a regular doctor look in my ear after I had a round of antibiotics because my ear looked cloudy and it felt plugged up.

After the infection was gone, she said I had “scar tissue on my ear drum”. No one has ever said this to me before so I am guessing it is new. I think I might have hit my ear on something with my hearing aid in once (I have the CIC ones) and I remember some pain and I am wondering if that was the hearing aid poking my ear drum and now I have the scarring.

She said I need to see an ENT but I have no insurance (this was a low cost clinic) or job so there is no way I can go right now.

I notice that ever since than if I get water in my ear I tend to have a hard time getting it out so I wear a cotton ball in my ear when I shower. Which seems to be workign most of the time but I think now I have a wax buildup - but the thing is I am afraid to use anything in the ear because of scarring.

Does anyone else have “scar tissue” on their ear drum?

I want to use perioxide to clean it to hopeful unclog it from the wax but I am worried whether or not I am not supposed to be putting anything in there.

I can’t find much info on it online.

Remember I am completely broke so I can’t go to my audiologisst - they charge $35 to remove wax and look in the ear. :frowning:

So, if anyone has any info on the severity of scarred ear drums I would appreciate it?