Savia 311 dSZ and Bluetooth

Hello all, this is my first post here. I am looking for an inexpensive solution to connect my hearing aids directly to my phone/ipod etc via bluetooth. The last time I talked to my Audiologist, it looked like Phonak’s own solutions were very pricey. I do not make a whole lot of money. The Savias were a considerable out of pocket expense for me. I am on the road a lot. Taking my hearing aid out to talk on the phone or to put in a bluetooth headset is often dicey. I have tried the Motorola bluetooth speaker that transmits to FM. It works well when it is not fighting for the fm frequency. I want to be able to talk on the phone in the car, hang up and have my normal hearing with my hearing aids in my ear. At the health club, I want to be able to listen to music through my hearing aids without bothering with another headset.

Please help!! I am willing to buy used items if someone has moved on to something else.

Thanks - David

You have purchased this item.It is very well for you.You don’t worry.I have purchased also.I have used this Savia 311 dSZ,but blutooth are not connected.I will try my best to solve this problem.Ok.Thanks for share information to me.

My audiologist quoted me $250 per hearing aid to have T-Coils installed. Is this a good price??

What hearing aids are you wearing? That is an outrageous price!!

If you have the Savia 311dSZ Forte they already have T-Coils and just need to be activated with the Phonak software.