Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Must say I’m quite hyped about the new upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. Why? Well, first because it’s an open type earbud with active noise cancellation. The ANC is also different from what’s in Bose and AirPods Pro. Samsung is marketing it as “ANC reduces background noises without missing what’s important, like voices and announcements, so you hear more of what you want to hear”.

Sounds quite useful if you want to hear speech in noise?

The second reason why I’m hyped is the new form factor. While they look like beans (and some says like kidneys), they also looks like modern hearing aids. This is because they are designed to be comfortable to use the whole day. I believe this will also reduce the stigma around hearing aids.

With the upcoming OTC Hearing Aids Act, I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung is releasing something like this as true hearing aids.

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There’s been speculation about Samsung entering the hearing aid market for years. I hope you’re right.

Yup these have my interest as a backup source of hearing assistance ? Remaining hopeful

I just orderd a Note 20 Ultra and with the discount these will be like $20. I am interested because it looks like they could even be worn with my IIC hearing aids, since they do not seem to have an silicone bud that goes in the ear. But with the ambient noise settings, looks like these could be used either way.