Samsung Android 12 update with Phonak aids?

I have the Samsung Note20 and Phonak Paradise P90-Rs and wanted to hear if anybody had issues upgrading their Samsung phone to Android 12.

If you have upgraded to Android 12, please post your Samsung phone and Phonak hearing aid models and share your experience.


I have a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G (SM-F711U1), and Phonak P-90-R hearing aids. Got the software update last night, and so far, everything is functioning normally. Also tested with bluetooth streaming and with the TV Connectior. No problems have been encountered with the phone, the app, or the hearing aids.

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Same hardware as ramarvin and no issues with android 12.

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I just upgraded and everything works great. Thanks everybody!

No problems. But if you do notice a problem uninstall the app and reinstall it

Galaxy S21 ultra and Phonak P90R. No problems whatsoever.