Sam's Club hearing aids vs. Costco hearing aids

How do Sams Club hearing aid stack up against Costco hearing aid in terms of price, performance, return policy, and warranty? I wouldn’t think hearing aid dispensers at Sams Club are any less skilled or less trained than the ones at Costco…? Any thoughts or experiences?

My impression is not well. There are tons of positive experiences on here from Costco. Very few from Sam’s Club. It is pretty easy to figure out who makes Costco’s hearing aids. Much less so from Sam’s Club. Found something. Sam’s carries GHI and Liberty hearing aids. As far as I know, those are not made by the “Big Five” hearing aid manufacturers. Couldn’t find any info on return policy and warranty. Personally, I wouldn’t touch Sam’s Club with the proverbial ten foot pole. If you decide to try it, please do share your experience here.

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On impulse, I stopped by to have my hearing checked four years ago at our local Sam’s Club, now closed. I was fitted for hearing aids in the store and could not believe the additional sounds I was able to hear. I kept them and was told I had 30 days to return them. I normally do a thorough research on something before buying, but this time I just did a quick review on Consumers Reports. At the time, Sam’s Club was just a little behind Costco in their ratings and I decided to keep them without looking at anything else. Everything was fine until I needed an adjustment between my annual reviews. I was told that they only do adjustments once a year. My insurance provides some support for hearing aids every four years. I am now doing my normal review before purchasing, but Sam’s Club is not an option for me.


I went to Sam’s when I first thought about getting hearing aids in 2017. Forget it. The prices for basic Sam’s Club hearing aids are similar to the big manufacturer’s. I was quoted $1,600 per aid. I didn’t try them so don’t know what the quality of sound is with them. That’s when I found this forum and started doing research. Didn’t know about the Costco hearing center and might have shrugged them off as being like Sam’s at the time. Ended up with a pair of OPN3 because my insurance had us go through TruHearing and didn’t cover aids. Now they cover hearing aids.

I lost hearing totally in my right ear in 2019 due to SSHL (this was my better ear) and now have a ReSound Quattro in my left ear and Cochlear Kanso 2 processor attached to a Cochlear implant in my right, but I wanted a spare HA. I went to Costco, brought my hearing test results for my left ear and bought a Kirkland Signature 9 aid as a back up. Very pleased and I’ve had to use my KS 9 aid twice when the ReSound had issues. I highly recommend Costco and their KS 9 and now 10. These aids are both made by Phonak. The cost for a pair is unbeatable especially if you are a first time hearing aid wearer the KS hearing aids are very nice hearing aids worth more than their cost.

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The Liberty hearing aids at Sam’s Club and the aids offered by America Hears are very similar, if not identical. I wore America Hears aids years ago, and they were competitively priced, and could be adjusted remotely by a rep at America Hears, or by me at home with the kit they provided.

Since the original founder, Henry Smith, sold the company, I find the America Hears aids both expensive and until recently lacking in technology. I got ReSound aids several years ago at Costco, and find no reason to go elsewhere. I periodically check the America Hears website, and remain unimpressed with what they’ve become.

I’d have to presume the Liberty aids at Sam’s Club are similarly unimpressive.


I went to Sam’s for a haring test years ago. I believe they use Liberty hearing devices. The Hearing Aid Specialist told me I would never need new aids again since all they do is switch levels of power in the speaker units. (at a significant cost} Really sounded ‘scamish’. The price was out of line also.

As @jay_man2 pointed out they’re America Hears. I got by on similar aids from Blamey & Saunders for a few years. They were originally marketed as industry disrupters, batting for the little guys against The Man. The prices kept on creeping up to the point where they were close to your Oticon 1s. This is for aids with no connectivity whatsover. I still think they had potential but development has almost been abandoned. Blamey & Saunders still soldier on with them but- having been taken over by Sonova- they obviously don’t want to encroach on sales of their Phonak.

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I have heard lots of good reviews of Costco. I would be careful of Sam Club. I have friends who bought hearing aids from them. They are stuck with no service as Sam Club closed down.