?'s about Audeo Yes

Hello everyone.
After years of wearing my Starkey Power Programable bte on left ear i am finally getting dual HA’s to trial next week. I wanted discreetness, so my Audie and regional Phonak Consultant recommended Audeo Yes. What i hoped for rather than the MicroPowers, it will work with my hearing loss. I did not do my homework before the visit to Audie, so now since i have researched the Audeo Yes, i am still somewhat confused about a few things.

First off the Audie decided for me the Yes III. The impressions were made for power receivers and am now waiting for next weeks appointment.
Considering that the Audeo Yes will be perfect for me, i have now thought that the Yes V would be better because of the 16 channels will help with Soundrecover and Voicezoom. Plus the Windblock management (i ride Motorcycle and Ski) would be great. Is this a reasonable assertion?

Whatever ok, the YES III is on its way but what happens after my trial period? Will the Audie need to send both the canal receivers back to get hooked up to the the V’s or will this be done in the dispensers office?

Second, I have decided that the SmartLink is the way to go rather than the My Pilot. Seems it will work like a dream in all hearing environments. But do i need the iCom as a receiver for my Yes HA’s to pair with SmartLink? Or do i need a MyLink type of receiver? Or will the HA’s receive SmartLink without the iCom or other gadgets?

You cannot expect the Audiologist to understand everything. They deal with many brands and styles. The Audeo Yes is relatively new. My Audie told me the Audeo Yes had a T-coil, so i called back and asked him again, but he reiterated that it did. See i wanted to use my bluetooth neckloop paired to my iPhone (like i do with my Starkey bte) with these Yes HA’s but it looks like now i will need the iCom to pair with iPhone obviously. If i will use the Smartlink, do i need the iCom?

Thanks in advanced.

I would love to see your audiogram on your post to give us all an idea of what your hearing loss looks like. I would go for the Audeo Yes V’s not the III’s, 16 channels are better and the windblock management works great. If you can afford it I would go for the Audeo Yes IX’s there are definitely some even better features in that model.

The Audeo Yes products do not have telecoils, so you would have to have the ICOM. The smartlink which I have not had the pleasure of using yet, has been used by a friend of mine. She says it is awesome!!! Let’ s just leave it at that, to many details to go into. You mentioned that your audi doesn’t know everything, and who does. That is why they have the telephone to call Phonak with questions. If your audi is to proud to do that, I would let them know how you feel. I am not trying to put down your audi, if he/she does not know the answer then they should pick up the phone. This Hearing Aid Forum has some wonderful contributors and I learn a lot from them, so don’t be a stranger and don’t be afraid to ask lot’s of questions.

Good Luck.


I am working to get my most recent audiogram posted.

I assure you i will get my questions answered from him.
I just want to know as much as possible for my next visit. I have learned a heck of a lot here on this great forum.

There is confusion as to whether the Yes III has FM, as per the configuator on the Phonak website.
And you would think the Audie would know that more channels help Soundrecover.
Audio Yes III has just 6. V’s have 16 channels.
Anyway, these Yes III’s are on their way for a trial period. I will demo the iCom with them.


Perhaps you might like this rough comparison chart of Phonaks from precisehearing.com
Sorry, the picture was lost.

Many dispensers keep these yes’ on the shelf. so if you decide to go with the yes V’s your audi can switch out your custom receivers in office.

I am beginning to wonder if he wants my business. Its been 4 weeks going on 5.
Is the CRT tech really taking off that i would have to wait for my molds or could it be my ear canals are smaller than the norm and are having problems making them?

He now has 3 offices and is only in my area twice a week. Or maybe i am a difficult customer being more in the know than the majority and is pushing me away.
I am beginning to wonder about my choice, the Audie not being available to tweak my instruments during a trial period. Looks like he has no help either and is over-extended.

Edit. Finally. they called me. 09/16/09
next week I shall have them.

The continuing saga. I’ll just write this to myself. 5 weeks i waited. I got to the audie and he tells me that he has the nios micro with the soft slip-tips.
Its a long story and lack of communication from the tele-coil misunderstanding previously. He and Phonak got me the nios micro 3, because it has tele-coil but i find it hard to get volume, so its useless*.
Same thing basically all the moderately tech’ed HA’s by Phonak they say, has Soundrecover. But slim tips?
The grand experiment. A severe to profound patient with this set-up? I must say i hear much better with duo Aids and overall is hear people better. Has plenty of gain to spare too.
Having trouble consistently positioning slim-tips*. I get a booming distance roar type feedback in the left unless i play with the micro tube*. Its a pain. wonder how long the slim tips will last.
I am going from analog to digital and from single to duo aids so i got a lot of demoing to do. Still want the Audeo yes.
Audie says there is no real world documented study that phonak windblock management works.

Marketed to young adults but can be widely fitted they say.
I keep wondering if the Audeo Yes is in backorder mode nationally.
I keep wondering if its a good time to buy from Phonak sinse product refresh is early 2010*.
I hear the iCom will be thinned down.

*Telecoil is Ok. Audie made adjustment
*Audeo Smart was released. Has on-board button. Quick-sync
*We opened up the slimtips with a tiny hole. Positioning them is easier and more comfortable.

Details about any new products should become available at the EUHA where they release any new info or products that are usually launched at the AAA (April 2010 I think). If you wnat new tech you have to be willing deal with any teething issues of a product new to the market. The issues with the Core chipset, on which the current aids run, have been resolved so buying into todays tech will pretty much ensure you of something that actually works well.

Unfortunately Audeo Yes don’t have Telecoil. Is it possible with Icom to hear only the phone and not the enviroment’s sounds ???(like with T-coil). I am thinking to try Audeo Yes but Ι am worried because they don’t have T-coil and I don’t know if it is easy to hear the phone. Do you know anything if there is a feature or a adjustment to achieve this ?

I have used the Smartlink for two years now. It communicates with the phone by Bluetooth as does the iCom. If your phone is not equiped with Bluetooth then you would could use a Bluetooth adapter. Jabra makes one, the model A210 is what I use, and works well. The Smartlink is an FM device, and as such uses an FM Receiver. The receiver is either part of your aid or an attachment to it. The Smartlink receiver can be plugged into the Icom, allowing you to be further from the Smartlink. One major drawback with Smartlink is battery life. The rechargable battery will only last about 5 hours when used in the Bluetooth mode. I used the Smartlink with my old aids (Sonic), my new aids are the Naida IX. I have ordered the iCom to be used with the new aids. The iCom has a range of about 10 meters, while the Smartlink range is about 30 meters. While the iCom can be used with other audio devices, I think it is primarly a Bluetooth communication device, that is it will work with any device having Bluetooth capability.

Hope this helps.

Ok, we don’t have any problem to communicate with devices with bluetooth functionality. What can we do with land-scape phone ? With t-coil I hear only the phone and not the enviroment’s sound. It is possible to adjust the Audeo to hear only the phone ??? (like T-coil)

As I said using Jabra I converted my “land-scape” phone to Bluetooth, thus making the phone a Bluetooth device.

The Naida has T coil functionality. I tried it and it doesn’t work with all phones. They supply a magnet to augment the phones magnet and force the t coil operation. It was spotty at best. Kept jumping in and out of T coil. My audi made a program special for T coil, and its not much better. That is why I like the Bluetooth adapter. Also with the Bluetooth you get the phone sound in booth ears.

Jabra is something like adaptor and convert all the land-scape to bluetooth ?

Ok with Naida. But I am interested for the Audeo which have not T-coil.

Since I am only on trials with the Audeo Yes IX, I can only be of so much help to you.
I will say that I tried the Exelia Art IX with telecoil and am now trying the Yes.
The Yes is much better on my landline and cell phone than the Exelia’s telecoil which worked only 1out of 7 times. I was told to use the magnet which is not that good either.
In other words, if I decide on the Audeos (going to try the SMART next), the lack of a telecoil does not seem like a big deal. I shall look into Bluetooth options.

250-80 250-65
500-95 500-65
1000-90 1000-65
2000-80 2000-75
4000-75 4000-70
8000-90 8000-65

5%-105Db 60%-@95Db

What is the difference between Audeo YES and Audeo Smart ?
It is true that the Audeo SMART is more powerfull than Audeo YES ?

The Jabra plugs into the jack on the phone weather it is land line or cell. The older cells didnot have Bluetooth, and Jabra was developed to solve that problem. It does work with landline phones.

I guess I was not too clear on the Naida T-coil operation. I don’t use the T-coil because it is so bad. I use the Bluetooth with adapters on my landline phone and my computer. My cell phone already has Bluetooth. In bluetooth mode the sound is heard in both aids.

I do not believe the SMART is more powerful than the Yes but like the Yes, it has either a standard or power receiver. What it does have are more features like Exelia Art, including Sound Recover, Zoom Control, DuoPhone and a manual volume control button.
The button can be used for either the programs or volume control. To me, the lack of a volume control button is a big factor for not completely accepting the YES. Of course, more features translates into more money. I have not been given a price on it yet but should have it next week when I do back with the Yes.

It still concerns me if either of the above are enough gain for me, even with the power receiver, but they sure are easier to wear, without giving me sore ears with those horrible hooks and thick tubing.

The continuing saga

I finally got fitted with the Audeo Yes V’s. But never made it out of the office because i was maxing it out. Although the fitting range appears to be almost the same as the Nios Micro, the Rite Yes V had no gain.
I have plenty of room for gain with Nios Micro. I could supply links for fitting info but you all know how and can see them on Phonaks site.
In the meantime Audie was to call Phonak rep as to why this happened. If anyone could tell me why this is please do. We were all over the software looking for a cause.

The Nios Micro V open fit, micro tube with soft slim-tips, with onboard control which i am demoing now, has most all the advantages of the Yes but not as small. Why so small? So easy to drop and so hard to handle batteries. Phonak needs to get a discreet power open fit or rite for us severe to profound people like say the Oticon Epoq and other makes.

The Nios Micro V looks like a winner. I still need to experiment bumping up the Soundrecover because i do not hear it working and am not sure it is benefiting me although we did see it working on the screen. You could see 3000 htz transposing to 2000-2500 htz.

On Phonak website it is clear that they have the same power