Running out of stuff, batteries, domes, wax guards etc

Ran out of batteries because the free ones my audi gave me were DOA, domes so far ok.

My right aid started cutting out a couple of days ago. I thought it was defective so called for an APPOINTMENT (no walk in service). The phone person walked me thru checking the wax guard, which it appears was/is plugged.

Audi never mentioned that thing to me, it’s pretty tricky to pry it off. So the phone person is sending me some. Meanwhile I am down to left side only.

So cut to the chase, what else might I run out of that I haven’t been advised about yet? Anything or is that about it?


I make sure to keep extra desiccant and antibacterial cleaning wipes on hand. I keep extra batteries in my car and overnight bag. I have a small, portable canister desiccant for road trips.

And yes, if you use disposable domes keep some extras around. I also keep acoustic tubing around but you might not use that type of BTE. Small tools and accessories for cleaning and/or maintenance and adjustments are things I use myself but most wearers don’t. At one time I had a mini-lab for hearing aids in my house! :wink:

Do you clean with alcohol wipes or ?


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Do you clean with alcohol wipes or ?


I do got a box of 100 real cheap at CVS, under $4.00

I use antibacterial “handy” wipes most of the time, that being every night before they go into the Dry & Store. Always have some alcohol prep pads on-hand and use them occasionally too, particularly on my disposable power domes. As you know keeping any and all liquids away from your aid’s mics and receivers is important.

I’m using 5 year old aids these days - BTE Phonak Certenas. About a year in I discovered I had to replace the small foam filters on top of the “sound input” area (microphone) on the aid. It did seem to make a difference in sound quality. It’s just a small piece of foam cut to fit on top of the mic area. I can’t imagine that all aids would have them, but it’s a great example of something I now try to keep around for regular maintenance.

I have ear molds, as opposed to domes, so I have to keep my tubes changed on those - actually I found your thread in searching for an answer to another question - does tube diameter matter? Seems I am #13 thick tubes right now, the 13 I think refers to the diameter and the thick is the size of the wall. I read somewhere that low frequency losses like mine require a thicker walled tube. But now I’ve replaced my tubes and the “stuffy head” feeling I sometimes get seems a lot worse. So maybe I’m going to get rid of the thick walled tubes and try something around mediums. Not sure. The closest audi to me is 1.5 hours of curvy roads, so I’m much more interested in knowing how to do this stuff myself.

bherring1964, I wonder if you might have any thoughts on the tubing diameter question. I’m also definitely hoping to be building a little HA toolkit of my own - any recommendations of specific tools? I think the threaded part of my aid that attaches the ear hook is getting worn down, I’d love to replace it but I think I will wait until I have new aids (hopefully within a few months) until I see if I can find a screwdriver small enough to open the aid.

BTE Phonak Certenas with ear molds
EAR 250 500 1000 2000 4000 6000 8000
L 60 70 85 85 85 95 105R 70 70 90 85 70 85 80

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I’ve used medium thickness tubing with good results, it is the “normal” size for most dispensers. Thick is okay too but I never use super-thick. Your mileage may vary.

Because I use to do a lot of my own earmold modifications I kept ADCO Hard Add-on and thinner around with grinding, buffing wheels and sandpaper. Plenty of various size mini-screwdrivers and “pics”, an air blower, brushes, cement and super-glue, tube locks for soft earmolds plus all the normal cleaning and maintenance items. A magnifying lamp with a stand is very good to have as is a magnifying glass and jewelers loop along with a well-lite workbench or work-station. I am relatively young, 50, with good manual dexterity so I was able to do a lot of things at home.

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I’m doing some changes in my home office. A new lamp on an extension arm is on the list for improvements. I have an electronics sized mini-screwdriver set but I think I need to go even smaller, and get some pics. The only air blower I have is a diaphragm based one I used for clearing water from my tubes. I need to get some alchohol wipes for cleaning, certainly. This is a good list though, thanks! I’m actually in my late 30s, looking at many years (hopefully :)) of hearing aid wearing, so I figure why not get familiar with tooling a bit. Looking forward to the next pair so I can safely mess around with the Phonaks. And for now, I think I will get back to the medium sized tubes, thanks!

One more question - is their a good online supplier for hearing aid supplies/tools that you like? I have not found a great one yet, having made 3 or 4 orders over the past few years. I’ve gotten what I need, but shipping times have been a bit varied and prices a bit high.

Thanks again!

My two primary sources for supplies are eBay and Westone. An eBay seller I recommend is HearTech:

Consumers can order supplies direct from Westone as well:

Westone has a great selection of supplies. You might shop around on pricing though. :o

I’ve always did my own HA maintenance. I do need to order some spare tubes and mic filters soon though.
A pair of snap ring pliers will work for expanding the opening of a new tube for the ear hook. These can be had cheaply from places like Harbor Freight Tools if you have one. No need to buy expensive tube pliers.

An air blower may be a future purchase but right now I use a can of compressed air with the nozzle attached to the can. One quick shot of air cleans out any moisture inside the tubes and vents. The compressed air cost’s around $3 to $4 a can and last a long time.

So one week later I finally got the wax guards. This is why (in another thread) I asked about cleaning them. I think the answer for mine is to put them in a cup of water in the microwave for a bit. I am thinking the wax will melt off the little white guard & I can blow it dry with compressed air.


Don’t know if you’ve seen these or if they’d fit your aids but I saw these when looking at Westone’s website the other day.

These are definitely “cleanable”. I used to use this type of wax guard years ago when I had CICs.

Can the public still order supplies from Westone? I need a some more size 13 tubes. I would go to Costco but they are now 150 mile round trip for me.

Go to Amazon and search… Hearing aid supplies

I already did before posting.

Well slap my ass and call me Willie…

there’s enough size 13 tubes on amazon … even pink ones for the likes who get slaped on the ass.

Don’t use tubes and I get all my supplies and aids free…

Lol! When I searched Amazon for my tube size I only get 4 results and each tube cost about $4.50 each!

I just ordered my tubes directly from Westone where my total cost is $0.51 for each tube which includes shipping. Quantity of 25 tubes.