Roger Table Mic vs. Roger Select

I wear Phonak BiCROS so not Marvel level of technology
Have Compilot II, Roger Pen and the square Table Mic
Table Mic works fine but i rarely use it. Most of the time use Pen for social events and at my soundbar to stream TV
QUESTION: Should I upgrade for Table Mic to the Select? Is it that much better?

From what my audiologist has told me. The Select is suitable for 6 people and the Table Mic is suitable for 10 people.

I’m just going from what I’ve read–no practical experience. My take is that the Table Mic is the better device, but bigger than the Select. The Table Mic has advantage of being able to link to other Table Mics (and maybe Selects) in a conference setting. From what you describe, I don’t think you’d gain anything from getting a Select except a smaller device.

I have all the Roger stuff. Like the OP I use the pen the most. Don’t see any real advantage Table mic vs Select except remote for TM. Any/All Roger stuff can be linked to any other Roger if you are into networks. These days I am pretty locked-down so don’t really use any Roger except as TV link.

Knew I was remembering something about networking. This is from Neville

I can’t link my Roger Touchscreen to my Roger Pen. Not all can be linked together.

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OK, maybe “Any/All” was not correct. There are some complications mixing some of the education stuff with the other stuff and the series 2 stuff with the series 3 stuff. But there were definitely things that I couldn’t do until I could. Easypen may in fact be easy - the other stuff not so much.

Pen, Select, Table mic, and Clip-on mic do play well together but you must be creative.

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Thank you all! That helps a lot!

Yup, just to clarify: Educational line can be networked together and business line can be networked together. So, [pen, select, table mic, lapel mic], [digimaster, pass around mic, touchscreen mic]

What do you think of the Compilot 11? I’m trying it out. I also wear a BiCROS. I really needed to hear people who wear masks and pexi glass shield in hospitals and doctor’s office. I’m still experimenting on the volume.