Roger Select IN Charging Issues - blinking Red

All - Just received a Roger Select In today and when trying to charge it, the power button blinks red, then after about 10 seconds, the green turns green and the ring around the select lights green as well. I’ve left it in the charger for around 4 hours now. Has anyone else encountered this? Any idea of what’s wrong and a possible fix?

There are already quite some topics in this forum about this behavior.
Most probably the battery inside the Select is „dead“.
With some craftsman‘s skills it can be replaced by yourself

All - turns out the ‘connector’ was not seated properly inside the unit. There are three screws on the back which are covered by rubber ‘stoppers’. Once those are off, the unit was easily disassembled and re-seated. Once that was done, it operated properly. My advice to people is to try that first.