Roger receiver send output signal to stereo line in?

Hello, I am looking for a way to feed the audio signal from a Roger X 03 or other Roger receiver into a home stereo sound system via the line in, instead of to a hearing aid. I found DAI boots for hearing aids but nothing that will give me an analog connector. I’m not even sure if the Roger output signal voltage is sufficient for line in. Please let me know your thoughts of if this is feasible.

Thank you

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Hi Don, I used a stereo line-in as an example as my use case is more niche. I am bimodal (Phonak HA and Med-El Rondo 3 CI). I have a Roger On mic which streams directly to my HA and would like it to also stream wirelessly to my Rondo 3, via the AudioLink device. The AudioLink has a 3.5 mm audio input jack which sends the audio to the Rondo 3 wirelessly. I am looking for a way to feed the audio output from a Roger receiver into the AudioLink device.


Can you connect a roger 03 X receiver to the Audiolink? Thats what i had to do with my Compilot ii.
Can the audiolink transmit to both hearing aid and CI processor?

It looks like there is a Roger receiver for the Med-El? Roger 21? May be old information. Phonak is the largest selling brand, so i bet Med-El has a solution.

No I can not plug the Roger X into the audiolink. For Rondo 3, I can use the mini battery pack which has a Roger X connector, and run a wire to the Rondo 3. This is clunky hence my journey to use the audiolink to connect to the Rondo 3 wirelessly.


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I found the Roger Neckloop device which has a headphone jack (audio output). This device may do the trick. I’ll look into getting one to test and share my findings.

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I got the Roger neckloop and everything works as hoped. To recap, I have a Roger On microphone which pairs to my Phonak HA (RogerDirect) and the Roger neckloop receiver. The Roger neckloop has a headphone out which plugs into the Medel Audiolink’s audio input, and wirelessly sends the audio to my Medel Rondo 3 cochlear implant. I don’t notice any latency difference between my HA and CI. This setup allows me to receive audio from the Roger On mic in both my ears wirelessly. Previously I had to use the Medel mini battery pack, with a Roger X 03 plugged in, and a wired connection to the Rondo 3. It is a cumbersome setup hence my pursuit for a wireless solution.

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I also think the mini battery pack is cumbersome and was surprised that they didn’t put an FM jack into the Rondo itself. I hadn’t realized that the audiolink had an audio jack. How are you wearing this? Do you carry in a pocket? Clip around your neck?

I just got this setup so haven’t had time to “test drive” it. I think both devices can go in my jacket pocket, fanny pack or clip on my shirt.

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I had a chance to test this setup in public. The Audiolink is proximity sensitive to the Rondo 3 where it would start to cut out if not a good connection. The optimal setup is clipping the Audiolink to my shirt collar near my CI and the Roger neckloop in my pocket connected by a 3 ft audio cable. I’m still playing around but overall satisfied with this vs the mini battery pack. Also of note, the mini battery pack streaming with Roger X 03 lasted about 2 hrs before needing to replace the battery. I got more than 3 hours with the neckloop and the battery was still more that 60% (based on the LEDs).

Note, I could also use the Rondo 3 telecoil with the neckloop but it has a lot of “noise” when the tcoil is plugged in. Medel advised to put the Rondo 3 in airplane mode to reduce this noise. That process is a pain but remains an option too.