Roger ON V2 - in trial now

I thought it would be a good idea to start a whole new thread on the Phonak Roger ON V2. I’ve been having a lot of issues for a few months using my Phonak TV Connector when streaming TV, and am looking for a possible replacement for this device to stream TV, DVDs and shows off the internet.

Today, I met with my audi and a Phonak rep who demo’d the Roger ON V2. Even better, I was given this “loaner” to use for the next 3 weeks as I’m at home, then leaving for a 2-week trip in a few days. This way, I’ll be able to set the Roger up at home, try it out, learn about it, AND take it on the road.

I’ve just had this device for about an hour, and already I have answered some of my own questions about it’s set-up and use!


  • This required that my aids get a software receiver install. That means that if I have two pairs of aids EACH pair will need that software receiver installed to give it a proper “license”. I didn’t see the Phonak rep use any external device, so I’m not sure how she did that, but it seems she just held them close to the Roger stick.
  • Can more than ONE pair of aids use the same Roger ON? This is something the Phonak rep will need to find out. I use two pairs of Phonak Lumity Life rechargeable aids on alternate days (even/odd) because I need a pair of backups that are identical to my daily aids. So I’m hoping that 2 pairs of aids can be paired + connected to the Roger ON. That’s how it works with my Android phone. The minute I put in one or the other pair of aids, the phone knows which pair it is, and I can instantly stream phone calls without any BT hassle at all.
  • Next, she paired + connected them to the Roger ON. This was exactly as I’d done with the TV Connector: Power both the Roger and the aids OFF. Then turn the Roger ON and then turn my aids ON. Hit the BT button on the back of the Roger device so it “finds” my aids. Voila, that didn’t take long at all.

NOTE: There is NO need to have MyPhonak app on my phone in order to use the Roger ON.

The small, handheld device is pretty intuitive to use: just 3 settings:

  1. Pointer - Just aim the device at someone or an audio source.
  2. Tabletop - just lay it flat on a surface to pick up sounds from 360-degrees. If tabletop noises (silverware, glasses, ambient table noise) are too loud, you can raise it up off the table - maybe balance it on the salt shaker?! :smirk: It can be placed right near a TV soundbar or speakers to pick up that audio, too.
  3. Presenter - can be used with a lanyard/necklace for speaker to wear the Roger (or speaker could hold it like a small mic)

Can this replace the Phonak TV Connector?
That was the BIG question I wanted answered cuz I’ve been having a few months of very odd TV streaming issues at home. I’m not sure this will replace the TV Connector cuz it’s base also has to be plugged into the TV audio output and a power socket.

The base replicates the same features as the TV Connector box: power on/off, volume up/down, and BT button for initial pair/connect. I’d have the same issues with plugging this into the back of the TV at home cuz ALL of them are AppleTV mounted flat on the wall (or embedded into a tight space) with no way to get at the back of the TV. Right now, my TV Connector is plugged in to a Marantz hifi receiver in a closet in the TV room. So I will try to swap in the Roger ON and see if it is any more stable for streaming audio.

On the road, it would be the same issue: I’d have to plug the Roger base to the back of the TV and to a wall socket for it to stream the audio. If I just took the Roger device out of its base and pointed it at the TV, it no longer streams clean audio - too much ambient noise comes in. It would work better if I can lay the device right next to the TV speaker in “Tabletop” mode. I’ll need to try that out to see if its feasible. For home or travel, the days of putting a TV on a stand or table top are GONE. Now folks mount the TV right on the wall. Try plugging cable into the back of that, then dangling the base (or even TV Connector box) straight down like a pendulum on a grandfather clock. In that respect, Phonak is BEHIND the times. Laptops and phones stream audio to our aids with no cables, boxes, bases, or clutter. Maybe some day all “smart” TVs will be like our laptop or cell phone?

Streaming Audio
Does this device stream in mono or stereo? Turns out the V2 streams in STEREO, but the sound quality isn’t quite as good as the TV Connector. It picks up more ambient sound, so it’s a balancing act between volume on my aids and TV volume, as both hubs and I watch TV together. I can turn up/down the volume on the Roger or my aids or both to get the right balance.

It has a longer range than the TV Connector - but not by much. So I can be at the kitchen sink cleaning up a meal and continue streaming the TV in the room right next to it.

I’ll need to really put this device through all the scenarios I’d need for my retired life. If I was working, I’d need to test it out in meetings, Zoom sessions, maybe have it on my desk already ON. I was told it gets about 12 hours of use before needing to be charged up.

The booklet that comes with this loaner is useless! It has minimal text in like 4 languages, but uses cartoon drawings to illustrate the device, buttons, cables and base. I’d learn more watching a few videos at Youtube.

Tonight I plan to try this device out watching TV, then DVD. Mainly, I want to see if I have the same issues where my aids (primarily the RIGHT one) simply won’t stream between 7:30-8:15pm or so. It’s as if I’ve got some kind of interference issue going on - maybe a neighbor uses a directional antenna or some kind of device that interferes with the streaming audio from device to Phonak Lumity Life aids.


Your Roger On v2 must have been an iN version, and your audiologist will have installed the 2x licenses into your 1st set of Roger Direct enabled Lumities. Sadly, as far as I know, you’ll need additional licenses for your nd set.


As @PeterH has said, you will need 1 license for each extra aid, or you could transfer them from one aid to another via the roger ON IN (which will be a pain).
As a temporary solution for streaming audio from TV to your HA, that’s one option, but as someone on this forum has rightfully said, you will shorten the lifespan of the Roger ON as it will be using its battery more often even while charging, beside, as you’ve noticed, the audio quality isn’t as good as the TV connector.
If you are having trouble with your TV connector connection to your HA, maybe worth checking for any interference with a wifi signal or any transmitting devices in the vicinity, or as a test, maybe worth moving the TV connector to a room which doesn’t have any interference and see if the connection to the HA is solid without interruptions.

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YEP! That is the case! The Phonak rep made it sound like EACH aid needs its own software receiver license to work with the Roger. When I told her I have two identical sets of aids and want all FOUR to work with the Roger, she wasn’t sure that was possible, and will get back to me.

This is the Roger ON in as you observe!

But if I watch 2-3 hrs a day of TV, wouldn’t it be okay to have the Roger ON streaming TV as it sits in its charging cradle that’s plugged into the Marantz hifi here (substituting for plugging it into the back of a TV, which I can’t access)?

YES, it is true that each and every aid I want to work with the Roger has to have that license installed on the actual aid. I was also told that no more than ONE PAIR (or two aids) can have that license at a time with the Roger stick. That seems dumb. I can have both pairs of my Lumity Life aids paired to my Android cell phone. Granted, only the pair of aids I’ve got on will connect for streaming calls. But it’s instantaneous - the minute I have a pair of aids on, I can stream calls with no fiddle-faddle.

The whole mambo jambo we are having is because of rechargeable batteries, not sure what’s the life expectancy of Roger On batteries, to give you an idea of prices here in the UK:
TV connector £180 or so
Phonak Roger ON IN £1500
Not sure about prices in the US
How much replacement batteries cost and how much they will charge for serving it? no idea, bearing in mind that they (Roger On & Connector) only have 2 years warranty if bought new.
But, you are absolutely free to use the Roger On In in lieu of the TV connector.

Not sure about that; I did get my brother a backup pair of Naida Paradise and 2 roger 03 X licenses, and I did transfer the licenses to the HA, and they do work with the Roger On IN he already have (which he already paired with the 1st pair of Naida HA) (not sure if you’ve understood that).
You should be able to pair the Roger On with other HA (assuming the HA have licenses in them), not sure what’s the maximum number.

I have 2x Roger x installed in Paradise; 1x Roger x installed in Marvel; and 2x Roger x in shoes in Venture. All connect fine to my Roger On, without re-pairing.


That’s incorrect.

You’ll need 4 x licenses if you want the Roger to work in every single HA.

You’ll have to get another Roger On iN or buy 2 x Roger X receivers and install the licenses that way.

Roger On needs the MyRogerMic App if you want full function of the On.

You’ll also need the MyPhonak App to check which HAs have tne licenses.

This is a screenshot of mine.

I’m not too sure why you won’t download the Apps.

Me having Paradise is no different to Lumity or Marvel in our the Roger works.


Seeing that you have bought 2 sets of Lumity aids and now are purchasing a Roger On In the LEAST Phonak can do is supply an additional set of receivers for your second set of aids. You obviously have spent a ton of money with Phonak!


Yes, and I also have a pair of their older Marvel aids and TWO of the TV Connectors, which I bought in 2019. So I oughta be bloggin’ for them … except it’s not my style to be a shill. :wink:

We’ll see if the Phonak rep can twist arms to get me the 2 extra receiver licenses I need for my add’l pair of Life aids. If not, it’ll just be one more incident of “Phonak doesn’t walk in our shoes - or listen through our ears” for that matter. Thing is, if you have cinderblock ears like mine, and if Phonak won’t sell the Lumity Life in BATTERY version, I’m going to need two full sets to feel safe. Yes. I could use my years-old Marvel aids with battery in a pinch, but why should I pay all this money and have two sets of aids that are not fully, completely, seamlessly interchangeable?

That’s my goal: get these two pairs of Lumity Life aids (used every other day - I don’t just store one in a drawer) fully interchangeable with the TV Connector, my cell phone and the Roger device.
That would be WONDERFUL.


I KNOW! I am a Blockhead with Cinderblock ears! It’s not that I’ll NEVER consider MyPhonak, but honestly, I haven’t needed it yet, and from what I’ve seen on Youtube with the MyRogerMic app, I wouldn’t want that either. I just don’t overwork my hearing situations. I wouldn’t ask folks to clip on the Roger, nor would I chase then around with the stick pointed at them. And I wouldn’t say, “HOLD IT! I need to tinker with my mic app!” midstream.

What I really want and need is a TV Connector sound quality in a versatile, adaptable device like the Roger. The sound quality is like a public address system: harsh, thin. The TV Connector is rich and completely IN the ear. It’s a better listening experience for TV. But since I’m having these interference issues with that device, I’m trying out the Roger. Plus I can travel with the Roger and use it in 3 other situations where the TV Connector would never be used. So I’m LIKING it, but with a couple reservations …


My audiologist that quit gave me 2 of the connectors.

My tv is an old one. It’s installed strangely. I couldn’t and didn’t figure out how to install the tv connector.
When I finally did I got a bad reaction at home Apparently I was ignoring my other half. So I onlyuse it when I’m alone in the house.

My reaction: why didn’t I do it sooner? (Hint–I use the APP every once in a while. When I do I’m glad I have it. Now that my hearing aids are working well (new hearing aid practioner setup.) I can get by most of the time adjusting volume up. If I need more, the app helps. It’s a much better app now than when I first loaded it on my phone.


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Well, tonight I had dinner out with hubs and a good friend of ours who has a VERY soft voice. In fact, before I got the Lumity Life aids, I really struggled to hear what he was saying - ESP in loud restaurants or busy malls.

Since having these Lumity Life aids, I no longer have any trouble hearing him at home or in quieter places, but tonight we went to a noisy fish shack that had loud music and lots of hubub going on.

Thank goodness I had the Roger stick with me! I put it in tabletop mode and got about 95% of what he said all throughout dinner. Just for a lark, as dinner wound down, I turned the Roger off and listened with my Lumity Life in default program. Yipes. i think I heard about 60% of what he said? I had to hunch forward, squint my eyes and try to GUESS the words. I didn’t put these aids into Speech in Loud Noise, cuz I’ve done that before with this same friend, and it gets me to about 80% or more of what he says.

Altho the Roger stick did the job, I was kind of shocked at how much ambient noise was picked up in tabletop mode. It was a wonder I even comprehended what was said. WAY WAY more ambient noise than my Lumity Life aids in default program without the Roger.

Bit of a mixed bag, but I’d still take the LOUDER, ambient noise + REALLY GOOD speech comprehension to less ambient noise and STRAINING to understand folks at the table.

I am looking forward to my upcoming trip with 2 weeks to test the Roger out all over the place.

Earlier in the day, I spent a couple hours watching videos on the Roger On. I have a couple questions based on how I saw folks using the stick on Youtube:

  1. Why would anyone connect the Roger to a cell phone using the USP + mini cable included? I just have BT turned ON my Android phone and stream beautifully! I even stream music like ROON or Quoboz, so I don’t get that cable connection from Roger stick to phone at all.
  2. If I travel with this Roger stick and plug the toslink into the back of the hotel TV’s Optical OUT, other side plugged into the Roger base, will my hubs be able to hear sound from the TV? I’m guessing yes, as it would work like the TV Connector.

Anyone with actual use, let me know what works for you.


I have all the Phonak Roger accessories and they are all different and have advantages in different ways. The ON is by far the most versatile but not the best in a noisy restaurant, Table Mic2 is best for me in that situation. For traveling ON does it all OK and works well on the flights.


I by far agree.

I now have 2 x Table Mic II and I’m planning to sell all my others as I have the Partner Mic for when I’m travelling which is never with more than one person. Partner Mic does better I feel when out in the open and body blocking the signal. Cut out happens far less than all my other Rogers around the neck / chest area.

Table Mics have been life changing for me. I want to get a third Table Mic when one comes up on eBay cheap enough.


One great feature of the Table Mic is the ability to control the range/distance of picking up sound. Seems like a software function that they could add to the other devices.



Your Restaurant ‘ambient noise’ issue really could easily be addressed with the MyRogerMic app.

Roger On in middle of the table, phone by you. Identify direction of noisiest source of noise, and simply switch off that section. It works a treat. This is of course in Table mode.


WooOoOO! That is good news! I usually turn my aids OFF on flights, but then drinks & meal service come 'round and I’m scrambling to turn then ON then cycle through to the Speech in LOUD Noise program before placing my order. Time wasted! Maybe I’ll just whip out da stick and poke that in the face of the flight attendant! :wink:


Interesting! Does the Table Mic II have better audio quality than the Roger On V2? I did have a bit of “blockage” going on with the Roger stick on the table, till I moved my giant iced tea out of the way. Even tho it wasn’t “pointing” at the table, it seems that blockage can occur if something is in the way of it.

Why would you need multiple Table Mics? Do you place them all on the table, or are some just in case one fails?

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I’m a newbie here, but I think that’s what the MyRogerMic app does? I don’t have it on my phone yet as I’m just trialing the device.

Oops! And here, I see that PeterH has already provided info on that app above.

Echo! Echo!

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