Roger On + Telecoil listener?


I am a 15-year-old semi-professional orchestral musician (I practically live in a concert hall two days out of the week); I frequent museums, and I travel by public transport frequently. I decided that I should invest in a telecoil receiver (contacta, univox etc), however I was curious if anyone has any idea if a Roger On plugged into the telecoil receiver via the audio jack can make the Roger On stream the sound to my hearing aids. Thanks!

You would need a Roger receiver of some sort, depending on your hearing aids, to get the Roger On sound to your hearing aids.

I do have the receivers, thanks for asking! I’m just asking about whether the audio jack method would work

I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone who’s tried this before.

I assume you’re wanting to do it this way, due to your hearing aids not having the telecoil feature?

Spot on) My current aids are the Signia Pure 2X and getting Sky Marvel PR M50’s very soon. I thought about the other model with a telecoil but it’s battery powered and I’m not a huge fan of that.

Does the Sky Marvel PR not have telecoil?

I’m shocked as it’s a kids hearing aids.

Just looked, it doesn’t have telecoil.

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do your Signia hearing aids offer a remote mic with a port for a Roger x? I do it that way for my resound aids, use the multi mic with a Roger x. and connect to the Roger on.

How much is the Telecoil receiver? If it isn’t lots of money, maybe try it.

I find the sound quality of the Telecoil really poor but our hearing loss is different.

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I’ve never tried this with a telecoil receiver, but in my experience, anything that can output audio via a headphone jack will stream from the Roger On if properly connected. However, I’m not sure that approach makes sense if you plan to use it while walking around museums or on public transit. To use the headphone jack, the Roger device has to be inserted into the base unit, and it’s pretty unwieldy to carry it around like that. Plus, it needs to be connected to a power source. You could probably rig something up with a portable charger brick, but then you’ve got several clunky devices precariously daisy-chained together, and they’ll all be knocking against each other in your bag. I’d be worried about damaging the USB port on the Roger On, because that arrangement is just begging for it to get bent somehow. Personally, I’d switch to a battery aid before I’d mess around with that.

Maybe one of the professionals can chime in here: Can a 15-year-old with OP’s audiogram use Phonak’s Audeo Lumity RT? That one is rechargeable and has a telecoil.

I have Lumity aids and Roger ON. Have not used telecoil feature yet but the Roger was a lifesaver on a recent walking tour when the guide wore it!

Signia’s microphone doesn’t offer a DAI port for the Roger X. However, I mentioned that I’ll be receiving my new Sky PR M50’s very soon :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your reply, and that is a valid concern. I will be trialling the Audeo Lumity RT in a couple of months to compare to my new Sky Ms, but in the end, it’s probably unlikely I’ll get the Lumity aids as those are not fully subsidised for me, unfortunately.

You can use this cable and then you don’t need the docking station or need for it to be connected to power.

That’s great news then! I’ll probably buy a telecoil listener. Thank you!

edit: apparently this setup works. Assistive Listening Devices - #3 by WhiteHat

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TIL! Thanks! I’d only ever tried this with my ipad and laptop, and it seemed to be drawing power from the device, but it’s great to know that isn’t necessary! :slight_smile:

If you have the receivers for the latest Phonak Sky, the Roger On can connect, transmit to, the hearing aids directly. I have the Roger On. Love it!

The Phonak Lumity Sky can directly connect to almost any bluetooth source.