Roger On broken AGAIN

Friday night my Roger quit while I was listening, almost like it ran out of battery, without any warning tones.

If I put it in a dock, it almost works right – but the audio drops in the left channel on and off. When I’ve charged it for hours, it will work for a minute or two before it shuts off again. No warning tones. In the dock it cycled on and off like the power to the dock was cycling. It will grab the HAs, then drop if there is no audio signal, then light up again and grab the HAs, then drop it again and go dark.

Preparing to send them back to audiology again. Second time in a year and a half.


And not that long after I got a new one back it went into mono mode like the replacement I’d received before. The 8 second hold on the associate button to reset associations and then a re-associate and I was back in business. This time they sent a dock with the replacement mic. Nice.