Ric v cic

I have ski slope hearing and very little if any hearing in the high freq, I am looking to try the Starkey X Series 110 cic and the Starkey Xino ric.

Which aid should be better for high freq loss.

Would you post the results of your hearing exam?

I think Starkey X Series 110 cic.

Why is that, Rock?

If you are trying the X Series 110, the comparable RIC is the Wi Series i110. I believe the Xino is an entry level RIC. There is now also a Wi Series i110 CIC, I believe.

Can you tell me why the cic model.
All and any feed back is good, I am trying to understand what both types of HAs do.

For first time users I am NOT a big fan of the CIC, especially for people with good low frequency hearing. I would suggest the RIC since it is designed to be more open fit, a good thing for most people with high frequency loss. I also would second Don - I’d need to see your numbers to be sure.

The issue when you have almost normal low frequency hearing loss can be how your own voice sounds. Blocking your ears can affect your hearing both of the low frequency sounds, and your voice.

If you have a small ear canal, you may find that a CIC takes up too much space in the ear canal and causes some issues. Although Starkey is capable of making an open fit CIC if your ear canals are the right size.

The Xino is the smallest X series RIC, and also has only the loud speaker (receiver) in the canal, allowing natural sound to enter the ear more easily, and the bass in your own voice to escape via the ear canal, making for a more natural sound.

So it’s going to come down to the exact shape of your ear canals and audiogram.

The Xino is simply a small version of the RIC. You can get it with every technology level from the Ignite all the way up to the top of the line X Series.

The only thing it can’t do is have the Wi antenna and wireless capabilities in it. Other than that, it’s the same core technology as the Wi.

I stand corrected.

I started with S Series iQ 11 CIC (older version of X Series i110) and am now wearing Wi Series i110 RIC aids. The Wi appears to work better for me.

I got tired of having to return the CIC aids for receiver repairs. The Wi receivers are usually stocked by the hearing professional and can be quickly reolaced in their office. The CIC aids heed to be returned to Starkey because of their custom casing.

I am actually wearing the Micro Tech brand of these aids, but I used the Starkey models because they are more familiar to people.

I forgive you :wink:

I’m a fan of the Wi myself, unless your goal is getting a device as small as possible. Even though you can get a CIC Wi now, it will always be bigger than the X on the simple basis that there are fewer components needed for non-wireless.

A receiver is arguably one of the most vulnerable parts of a hearing aid, and putting it in a custom made sealed unit is always less convenient and practical than a replaceable disposable solution.

It’s worth noting that many dealers who work for Audibel, MicroTech, or Nu-Ear can often be persuaded to order the Starkey version of the product, which gives you as the patient more options for future service. Of course it gives the dealer less control, which they may not like…

According to the (latest) from my professional, he can order Starkey, but when using ClearValue Hearing, he can only order Micro Tech.

Since my returned aids were ordered using his ClearValue account, we were restricted to Micro Tech.



OK here is my audiogram.
As you can see very little in the highs.

Would a ric aid still be better for my loss.
I do have big ear canals so cic aid will fit.

Don, What do you think.

I’m not a pro. One (or more) of the pros will have to weigh in on whether a RIC is appropriate but your hearing doesn’t look much worse than mine until you get into the very high areas. You would probably need a custom mold if you go with a BTE/RIC style.

There are also many power BTE hearing aids that would work. I personally don’t like the CIC because of the stopped up feeling I had but with your low frequency loss you might not have that, or it might be easier for the pro to adjust out. With a custom mold you might have the same issues so it will probably just come down to what you prefer. It might be a little difficult to fit your loss with a CIC but if you are looking at Starkey they can probably do it. I think they have high-power aids in every style.

If the “look” of the hearing aid is a consideration, the small RIC styles are a little less noticeable than a CIC. A CIC is completely visible from the side where a RIC is mostly hidden, so you don’t really notice a RIC from the front or side. I had a few comments about the CICs I wore but not one comment about the RIC style, and even when I point them out people have a hard time seeing them.

It’s going to come down to his account, his relationship with Starkey, his market, and a few other issues. It can be done, but not by everyone.