RIC tubes start sticking out

Why is it that my RIC tubes always pop out after a while? i have the correct tube size and have tried three different domes, including a small and medium closed dome and a medium open dome.

I have also tried a pair of open fits previously with similar domes and they seemed to stay in place, is this because of the extra wire that is attached? the retention lock?

I have been told i have quite small ear canals as well. Is there anything i can do about the tubes sticking out?

I mean the whole point of having small RIC aids is cosmetic appeal, but if the tubes start winding out of your ear then whats the point?

Btw my audiologist cant really do much else about this because there is no reason for changing the tube size and trying three different domes seems to be enough as it is.

Which RICs do you have? Is there a retention lock on them now (small clear “string” that tucks into the bottom crevice of your outer ear)?

dr. amy

I have the gn resound dot2 10 ric, there is no retention lock on them and i was told by my audiologist that ric’s dont have retention locks on them, slightly confused?