Rexton Trax 42 Smart Connect (DUM Connect)

Hi everyone Im new to these HAs and in the first day Im not happy. The smart connect is DUM. I have a Iphone 6 + and first I love being able to use the phone with them if it would stay connected, as it cuts out right after you take a call. Second I was sold on the fact I could stream tunes. But my first try was not good, It would only work if they were in the same pocket. after putting my phone in the pocket with the SC I was able to hear most of the songs but it was cliping like a amp with a low battery. I got 30 minutes of ok tunes then the thing quite again and I gave up, After a total of 5 hrs the SC went dead. So much for day 1. And I started out with full charges.
I hope I didnt by some kind of gemic.

They got you didnt they…

Didnt think Costco was selling those anymore…

How did you get the smart connect in your pocket with it hanging around your neck.

Something is wrong, that’s for sure. I use my SmartConnect very frequently and I have had very few issues. I stream from my computer and Samsung S4 three hours a day.

The only problem I have had is the Bluetooth connection to my rather old Macbook is unreliable. So I just plug it into my Mac with a cable and that is rock solid.

The SmartCOnnect has to worn around the neck, though.

I have no problem with my Smart Connect. I’ve had to have it replaced once due to a faulty battery, which was no issue to have done…maybe you’ve just got a dud. The thing does HAVE to be worn around your neck to work well. As to battery life, you should only be getting 6-8 hours of music streaming time with it. Add in phone calls and that time becomes less obviously. It will not work over as long a range outdoors as it would indoors. Bluetooth has to have something to reflect off of. That said, I can have my phone in my front pocket or on my belt and the smart connect works fine outside. You might have some issues if your phone is in your back pocket. Inside, mine works several meters away from my iPhone 7, even through walls.

If you having a lot of issue, exchange your unit for a new one.


Hi guys my phone was in my shirt pocket when it kinda worked. Costco is getting me another SC. I tried it today and gave up. Also had to reconnect 3 times and my phone was with me all day. I sure hope this is not a trend because these aren’t cheap and I like the features. At home tonight while testing out the streaming again it said that the SC was dead and not connected, yet it was playing music on the HAs. All i was trying to do was play with the volume, that didnt go well. I give up I will wait tell I get the new SC and then see if these are as good as they said they were. :frowning:

I had the version 4 smart connect…all sort of problems. Now version firmware 5.0.0 hardware 2 software version
Mostly good now, still occasionally flaky, but use all the time to listen to TV.

do you know the date of that firmware release?


OK picked up my new SC friday and it seams to be better. Now new problem last night I recived a call and one HA soundes funny I looked on the app and it said it was off yet I could here my eye glasses rub on it. afet the call I went through and reconected and all was good. This morning when I took them out and put them on and then turned on the SC the other HA was ot connecting to BT tell I disconnected the battery and reconnected. Are these thing bunk?

Are you wearing the SC around your neck?

OK same thing happened twice today with the RT side one. And Yes I am wearing the SC around my neck. and now after the HAs are shutting down sort of like half level and not showing connect, Costco is getting me a whole new set, everything because something is wrong with these. I was ready to get a refund today . they are a headache if anything.

Return them and move on…

I don’t. I know the HIS could not update it, had to send it off.

Mine is the same versions and firmaware, yet I am having issues with conncetion, dropping off and not automatically pairing after being set up. :mad: