Rexton SmartConnect to SONY Bravia TV -- Cannot Pair

I’m a very satisfied user of Rexton Trax 42x RIC hearing aids from Costco. I am trying to use SmartConnect for a Bluetooth connection to my SONY Bravia TV so the sound will go directly into my hearing aids. The Bluetooth in the TV itself, by design, cannot pair with non-SONY headphones, so I am using an Aluratek Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Model ABT01F. It is connected to the TV through the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Here is the Quick Start Guide for the transmitter. All should work, but so far I am unable to pair SmartConnect to the transmitter, following the instructions in the SmartConnect manual and the Quick Start Guide very carefully. I’m wondering if any of you folks have successfully paired SmartConnect to your TV and can give me a pointer or two. Thanks for any help you can offer.

Have you tried the official accessory for Rexton? Looks like Costco sells the mini blu device which can connect your hearing aids and tv? Maybe the device you’re trying to use between the tv and the aids is incompatible for some reason.

Thanks, Tony. I’m going to check out the mini Blu possibility. From what I can read, for my purpose it does about the same thing as SmartConnect and costs a bundle. We’ll see, and I appreciate your suggestion.

Have you turned off the bluetooth on any other devices paired with the smart connect before trying to pair with the transmitter? My smart connect will only connect with 1 paired device at a time, even though it can be paired to multiple devices.

Eh? The minitek is not compatible with the trax

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