Rexton Smart Connect Bluetooth woes

I am on my third Smart Connect with my Rexton aids, purchased from Costco. I am a dedicated audiobook reader, and the ability to read audiobooks without removing my hearing aids and swapping earbuds was a very attractive feature for me.
Unfortunately, I’ve had a LOT of problems with the Smart Connect. I’m convinced that there are major firmware problems with them. After a period of use, they develop an intermittent loss “jitter” that makes the situation unlistenable. The system can usually be temporarily resolved by un-pairing (“forgetting”) the Smart Connect from my phone, turning both the phone and Smart Connect back on, and re-pairing. The system then works for a while. I am very frustrated by the absence of knowledgeable tech support. My Costco reps are reasonably competent at audiology issues, but they are not competent to provide high-tech support for computer systems like these. Rexton seems to want to avoid customer support entirely, relying on audiologists to run interference for them.
I suspect I’m an untypical customer. I do a lot of audiobook reading, and I have a high-tech background including decades of developing software and teaching software development. I suspect that most Rexton/Smart Connect customers use their Bluetooth feature infrequently, and just quietly blame themselves and give up when they run into difficulties. This is a common problem for any high-tech products.

Has anybody had similar problems? Has anybody had any success in getting better tech support? Anybody have recommendations for solid Bluetooth support systems?

I don’t think they have much of a reputation for reliability. I returned mine after it developed issues after a few months (worked perfectly for awhile.) They’re known to have a moisture issue and they have included a silicon sleeve to protect them at times. At one time I Googled Rexton tech support , called the number and got a knowledgable person.
Phonak’s Compilot 2 has a pretty good reputation among forum members who use it and one Costco rep spoke highly of it. I don’t think it’s compatible with Phonak’s latest aids though. Resound has a pretty good reputation for made for iPhone connectivity.

I have a friend that used one with the KS7 HA’s and said it was useless. Have you considered switching to an iPhone that streams direct to the HA’s without an intermediate box? I don’t do a lot of streaming but the iPhone with my hearing aids seems quite good. The sound quality can be adjusted by the fitter with the Connexx software.

As best as I can understand it the MFi connection to the iPhone is independent from the Bluetooth connection to the Smart Direct app. the MFi connection seems quite reliable, but the Bluetooth to the app is not so reliable. I am frequently shutting the app down and starting it up again to reconnect. I never seem to have to repair with the MFi.

KS7s are not made for iPhone.

I didn’t see where the OP said they were using a KS7… My friend switched from the KS7’s (replaced under warranty) to KS8’s and now uses an iPhone. But, not sure what the OP is using?

Ah, you’re right but I don’t think Smart Connect works with KS8. It should work with KS7 and Rexton Trax 42 (which was based on Signia Binax–KS7 based on Primax)

Maybe I’m just lucky. I have Rexton Trax 42s and Smart Connect. I use it for phone calls, tv, and adjusting the aids. And I recently realized I can use it for Blue Tooth connection to my MacBook Pro. I have always pretty much avoided videos because of difficulty understanding a high percentage of them. That may change.

I’ve never had any desire to listen to a book, but is it a sure thing the OP’s problem is with the Smart Connect and not a device like a Kindle?

The one thing it doesn’t hold well is a narrow focus to the aids, but I don’t use that often, and it’s not a big deal for me. My main wish would be for more time on a charge, mainly for tv, but I’ve simply used it plugged in when watching when I needed to.

I do remember that the first one I had became very difficult to pair to the aids and when I took it back to Costco, the audi simply ordered me another one, but that was early on. My aids will be 3 years old I think in September, and I got the Smart Connect a few months after the aids, so what I have is well over 2 years old.

I have no idea what percentage of aid users also rely on BT connections, but in my case, phone calls are enough of a problem that if someone calls before I’m set up for the day, I often ask them to give me a few minutes, I’ll call back. I had stopped watching tv before getting the aids and Smart Connect and probably will never watch as much again as the habit is pretty broken, but that’s also something the Smart Connect is necessary for.

I have trax 42 and use smartconnect regularly. It is now three years old. Connects to phone for calls fine with great reports about sound quality on the other end of the call. I also depend on it in my work as a psychotherapist. For those “low talkers” (and many folks become low talkers when introspecting :slight_smile:), I have a bluetooth mic made by alead that the client clips on. Works wonderfully. The only complaint is an ocassional connection reset of only the left aid. It reconnects on its own. The right aid still works in the meantime. Doesn’t happen often enough to motivate me to do anything about it.

I’ve been using the same Rexton smart connect with iPhone and Costco hearing aids for many years , mainly for listening to audio books .

I’ve found them to be very good but you need to get used to them and I agree there seems to be some issues with the software

For example after using the device in streaming mode the hearing aid function is muted considerably

You need to go thru a series of functions ( going into and out if demo mode ) to exit streaming mode (on the smart connect app) to get the hearing aid back to automatic hearing aid mode then the sound improves remarkably

My biggest issue I’ve had is mechanical in that the front panel including the volume buttons and on off switch can work loose somehow and come off and fall off while you are wearing it ( normal use no extreme physical activity )

This had happened to me twice now , the first time they replaced it but it happened again recently and they say I am out of warranty

It still works but I am left with exposed circuit board on the front side and they want about 50% of the price of a whole new one to refit what I think is about $5 worth of parts