Rexton Mini Blu Blue Tooth Remote

I have Costco heating aids which use the Rexton MiniBlu remote bluetooth device. If anyone is experienced with this device, I have some general questions:

  1. Have you experienced an issue with your hearing aids screeching/feedback after you connect to this device?

  2. I only receive sound in one of my two hearing aids while using the miniblu. I can hear the audio beeps in both ears when pressing the device program controls, but playing music for example, or playing a program from my computer using the miniblu only transmits to one hear,

I have reviewed the PDF manual, but there is limited information in this document. Any help/suggestions would be welcomed. Thank you.

I would go back to Costcos and ask for help. That does not sound right.

I’m supposed to get the same device tomorrow. I’ll let you know how mine works.

My mini blue plays in both ears- but the connection to the right ear is intermittent. If I clip it to my shirt collar on the right side it seems to be pretty solid. But even laying on my back with the mini blue on my chest and not moving- the right ear will go in for awhile then just go mute. I’m hoping this is a mini blue issue and not a HA issue.

Ok, jnolte: When the mini blue connects it has an audible beep. That’s not a screech, but it dawned on me that the screech may be the sound of feedback? My Finesse aids have very little feedback, but when they do feed back it seems to be a multi-frequency burst that might be described as a screeching sound.

Sometimes a tone of a certain frequency can cause an oscillation (which is what feedback is). My last Oticons were notorious for this. I wonder if the “connect” beep is causing some momentary feedback? If so I think an adjustment by the audi should be able to mitigate the problem.

SIDE NOTE: I’m not real happy with the mini blue. Connection to the aids seems hit and miss. Streamer around neck, cell phone in hip pocket- both ears come and go all the time.

Please tell me where you got the pdf for the Rexton Miniblue? I have the MiniTek pdf but I would like to see if there is any difference between the Siemens and the Rexton unit.

I have an issue with the T-Coil detection by the MiniBlue. When I am in a theater with the T-Coil, my hearing aid will detect it when I switch to the T-Coil program but not the MiniBlue which has T-Coil as one of its inputs to the BT Transmitter. When I press the BT Transmit button, I hear nothing but when I switch to the T-Coil program in the hearing aid, the sound is routed to hearing aid.
Anybody else have a problem with the T-Coil input in the MiniBlue?

There’s no difference between the miniTek and the Mini Blu; they’re identical and interchangeable in every way. You’ll need the Mini Blu RCU Telecoil program added to your hearing aids in order to receive t-coil input from the device.

Thank you very much. Now I understand that the hearing aid T-Coil program is different than the RCU T-Coil program. Even my fitter was confused about this.

I have been thinking more about what you said about adding the RCU T-Coil program to the hearing aid programs and I need some clarification.

The BT Transmitter on the RCU includes multiple inputs like the RCU T-Coil, two TV transmitters, 2.5 mm line input, etc. So when I push the Transmitter button (right upper side looking at the front of the RCU), it is supposed to scan all of those inputs and if it finds one active, it should send that stream to the hearing aid.

Why do I require an additional program for RCU T -Coil for the hearing aids? I don’t have a separate program for the two transmitters attached to my two TVs, or a separate program for the 2.5mm line input that I use by simply pushing the BT Transmitter button.
Or are you saying that the RCU T-Coil must be enabled as an input for the RCU to recognize it? In that case, is an additional RCU T-Coil program really required for the hearing aids?

Thank you for your help.

That’s just the way it’s designed. Each input mode requires its own program. The BT-Transmitter program handles the 2.5 mm jack in addition to the two transmitters.

Thank you for your response.
Page 15 of the MiniTek pdf states that the T-Coil is an additional input that is scanned when the Transmitter button is pushed. Doesn’t that put the T-Coil under the BT Transmitter program?

The inputs are assigned to different programs so your fitter can adjust the frequency response, gain, and mix level (balance between streamed signal and hearing aid mic) for each input separately if necessary. The four programs are Bluetooth Phone, BT-Transmitter, FM, and Telecoil.

So I had the RCU T-Coil added as a program but no joy. It still does not work in the fitter’s office when he plays a video through the coil. I hear it fine in the hearing aid T-Coil program but not while in the MiniBlue T-Coil program. I am going to call Siemens tomorrow morning and hopefully get some answers.

siemens is not going to talk directly to you your aud should have called while you were there.

Does anybody have instructions on pairing the Mini Blu? After working somewhat well for a 6 months, it no longer is being seen by my iphone.


Hold down on the phone button until it starts flashing then search for the mini with your phone.