Rexton Manuals

I don’t know if this has come up before but I wanted PDF copies of the manuals for my new Quintras (Picked them up last Friday) and for the Mini Blue RCU. I could not find them on Rexton’s website so I went to their facebook page and messaged them. They will happily email you the manuals you want you just have to let them know what devices you have.

Thanks drivr, I will be doing just that.

I did that.

Great service :slight_smile:

Lousy manual :frowning:

I’ve got a Trax 42 now on order. I’m looking for a users manual pdf file so I can read up on what modes are available (auto, speech in noise, etc.). By searching I’ve not found one. Does anyone know of such a file?

Here’s the Rexton Trax 42 data sheet:

It doesn’t give the potential programs, but from previous posts I’ve found the following. Available programs on the Trax 42 are: Automatic, Noise/Party, IFocus 360, Television, Music, Outdoor/Traffic, Telephone (acoustic), Telecoil (T), Telecoil (mT), Telecoil (MT). If you have the streamer: Bluetooth Phone, Streaming Audio, Smart Connect FM. The IFocus 360 program tracks the source of the loudest speech signal around you and adjusts the microphone direction to focus on it.


Thanks. I already had the data sheet. But the program info is useful. Do you know how many can be selectable (I think I read somewhere that it is 6, my old Cobalt is 4)?

I just found it. It is 6. Thanks again.