Rexton M-Core R-Li compatible with Android phones?

I have a KS-8 which is only iPhone compatible and works fine for phone conversations etc. Is the above model (the same as KS-9 ?) compatible only for iOS or also for Android phones?

I could not find the answer from a quick search.


It is not the same as the KS9. KS9 is similar to Phonak Audeo Marvel 90. There should be a KS10 coming out soon.

Thanks for the prompt response.

A friend of mine has recently been fitted with the Rexton model above by his local Costco and they have downloaded the relevant App on his Samsung Galaxy 10 phone. Rexton hearing* aid is clearly ‘made for iPhone’, so I was wondering if the Rexton model Costco sold him is ‘modified’ by them to be Android compatible as well.

  • file:///C:/Users/amiyab/Downloads/Rexton%20M-Core%20R-Li.pdf

There’s a big difference between being able to have the app work with a phone and being able to stream directly from the phone. I’m unaware of Signia/Rexton having ASHA (Android Streaming Hearing Aid (or something like that) compatibility which would let them stream from late model Pixel and Samsung phones.

Thanks for the clarification.

Here’s a good article on hearing aids and Bluetooth: Bluetooth Hearing Aids: Models, Features, Pricing, and Reviews

For the Rexton aids, there should be a clip on device that would allow streaming with Android phones. It can also serve as a remote microphone and make for “handsfree” phonecalls.

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I will read the article to learn how Bluetooth works.

My friend was trying to adjust the hearing aid volume using the app on his Samsung but failed. I thought the reason is that there was no communication between the app and the HA as the Bluetooth on the two ‘devices’ is not compatible. Is this correct?

No. The Samsung should be able to send LE BT(low energy) signals that should be able to control the volume via the app (if it’s set up right–advice is to read the directions meticulously) However, it can’t use the LE BT to stream audio or phone calls. This stuff isn’t intuitive at all.