Rexton Legato iX or Resound Forte 8 RIC

Greetings. I’m brand new to HA’s I’ve had tinnitus for 10 years. It happened after a visit to a night club in vegas. I’ve been asking my wife to repeat herself lots and I honestly find if people annunciate their words I am fine. But people don’t. So I am researching HA at Costco. I am narrowed down to 2 models. That are completely different. Since I’m 53 but look young for my age my vanity is kicking in and making me consider Legato IX since I can’t see them at all. But they don’t seems to have features I like such as being able to hear my iPhone conversations or music through the HA’s. So then there’s the Resound forte 8 RIC. Small device behind my ear and a tube going in. Not super noticeable but makes me conscientious. That being said it appears to be a better aide and has the wireless Bluetooth features I like. So it’s looks over performance. Neither have tinnitus function since Costco units have that locked out. Any input would be appreciated. I don’t know how to load my hearing test results on the Forum. I scored 96 and 100 in speech recognition but am missing the upper frequencies where female vocals are. The speech recognition test was a male voice. Lol

People don’t notice. When I got my hearing aids (same RIC style as the Fortes) I would ask people if they saw my hearing aids. They would look and say no. The “tube” is actually a wire. Resound Forte or Bernafon Zerena are both decent choices from Costco that both offer Bluetooth. What did the hearing aid fitter recommend?

I had the same struggle. I tried CIC aids and they weren’t comfortable. I just got my Costco Resound Forte’s and they are great. Hardly anyone has noticed but when I share that I can take calls through my hearing aids they get jealous. I’ve actually had two colleagues they have decided to go get evaluated. It’s only been a week but so far I’m very happy.

Never fear, the only folks that will notice your hearing aids will be others wearing hearing aids. My 2nd pair of aids were Bernafons from Costco; they had interchangeable side panels. The Costco staff ordered virtually all the colors available (green, blue, silver etc.). Eventually, the panels included graphics and I wore red aids with Chinese Dragons for over a year. Even with hair that just touches the top of my ears, no one noticed the red aids; it was amazing!