Rexton KS3 mini receiver

I have a Rexton KS3 I bought from Costco. The receiver end of the plastic tube broke. The mfg. does not repair this model any longer I am afraid that that the wire may brake if I use it like this. I’d like to get a new mini receiver. Costco gave me a part number L255DB that I cannot find using Google. eBay has a mini receiver “Siemens Rexton miniReceiver 2.0 M”. Is this mini receiver compatible with my Rexton KS3 model?

No, the miniReceiver 2.0 will not work with the KS3. It uses the original miniReceiver. But there are 24 models, so you’ll need to specify the power level, length, and side to order the correct unit.

Costco gave me the model for the Rexton KS3 L255DB. Does L255DB refers to KS3 model? Where do I find "power level? Length I can meassure and it is the left side. eBay only lists the minireceiver 2.0, no others. Where can I find a supplier for the Rexton KS3 minireceivers? Thnk you for your help!