Rexton Insite p

I have just received an “Insite p” from a company recommended by my insurance, I chose from a from a selection of “Premium” hearing aids from 5 different vendors. There were many more catagories in their catalog. I chose the Insite beause it had all the bells and whistles, 6 programs, automatic etc… When I went to the hearing aid specialist office contracted by the vendor to have my ear piece mold taken and then 2 weeks later to pick up the hearing aid and have it programmed I was informed that it wasn’t automatic and it had 5 programs, I have searched for days on the web for info on this model because the description in the catalog says 6 programs and automatic. The only thing I have come up with is a brochure talking about the Insite+. None of the pictures look like my model. I have a program button, a rocker volume control switch and I have to open the battery door to turn it off. The instruction booklet that came with it is generic and never mentions different models or names. Does anyone know about the Insite p?

Hello… There were quite a few variations of the Insite P hearing aid. You do seem to have one of the newer models. They all come with 5 programs plus an “automatic” AUDIO program if an audio adapter is connected to it. The audio adapter is an optional accessory which can allow you to hear devices such as TV and Radio directly through your hearing aids. When you connect the audio adapter to the hearing aid, it automatically detects it, and that “6th” program comes on. You cannot access that 6th program with the program button. There is no model Siemens/Rexton hearing aid comes with more than 5 programs; accessible through the program button. You do have as many “bells and whistles” as you can buy. If you are interested in the audio adapter, you can buy them at online hearing aid stores. You will also need the “transmitter” that gets connected to the device you want to hear and it will wirelessly send the signal to the audio adapter.