Rexton inoX 40 6c CIC hearing aid questions

I recently purchased a pair of Rexton inoX hearing aids. I got these from an audiologist in Germany who programmed them based on my latest audiology report. They were very reasonably priced, but since I received them, I have some questions.
Are there comparable aids sold in the US (Costco?)
The aids connect to my iPhone, I think via Bluetooth. Why do I not see the connection in the Bluetooth settings? The Connexx Smart Remote app does control them.
Is it necessary to have the Rexton Smart Connect device to stream, or will some other device work as well? I get the suspicion that Rexton has locked out the ability to use other streaming devices.
Any help or knowledge any of you could pass along would be very helpful!

Thanks… Pete

It might be because they are Made For iPhone aids?

My friend has MFi Oticon and Altho his aids are linked to his iPhone. They don’t appear in the Bluetooth section of the iPhone.