Rexton Cobalt

First time user long time loss.

I liked hearing what I had lost even hearing my voice and every one enjoyed not hearing the tv through out the house turned up to max all the time.

I have problem with these the first problem they seemed to lose there programing and went wackey aftre a program update after changing the batteries that day.

No I did not flip the batteries I used the tabs to install the cells goof proof.

this time when I turn them on they seem to work for a few secounds and go real low, I thought it was just me so I open the battery doors and tryied it again and they did it again both of them.

I dont go out side because of my medication we are in a drought so no not rain and we have not had any.

dont shower with them

I have not gotten use to them being in my ears after the two months so I dont forget to take them out.

I did not forget to take them out during Xrays or MRI’s I left them in another room

so I dont know what to think.

could the automatic funtion be messing up, or the program be messing up again and why? would this be a warrenty issue.

I have the charger dryer as well so I am trying that first to see if tht helps put recharge cells in place and put in charger dryer thinking humidity might be the problem I keep the ac on though.

Both are clean as well all four little holes cones removed and cleaned as well no F.O

cant post a picture of the unit here you can find it on rexton dot com

When you first turn them on they pick up everything and then they start suppressing background noise. Could that be it? Is speech getting muffled right after you turn them on or is it background? Maybe your audiologist has it set really aggressive for background.

I tried those and I really enjoyed them, just a little bit of feedback and I tried something else, but the sound was very good. I did notice that the sound level would go up and down, very noticeable, when it was trying to figure out what I was listening to. For example, in the car with road noise and radio sometimes it would boost those for a few seconds and then quiet back down. If someone spoke then it would handle it fine.

I guess that could be it because I put them in and they did the same thing again.

I can still hear every one I dont have reduced hearing with them only when I take them out. So they seem to still be working.

I did figure out the whisling problem when I switched the cones around it moved to the other ear so I will remove the cone and soak it in warm water there must me some thing in it I cant see to clean out and let it air dry.

After cleaning them out it went down alot so I know tht was dirt, so I just have to do a better job.

This just seems to be a big learning curve and adjustment, I cant seem to figur out the cell phone use and getting it in the right place to hear it correctly all the time.

I dont want to spend the 500 for the Bt adpater to use it either and for school zones it looks like I will have to any way, and I just want to make sure every thing is working correctly before I spend it though.

this is what I have “Rexton Cobalt RIC”