Rexton Bridge 12 experiences

I got the Rexton Bridge 12’s. Much better sound right out of the box, a nice remote / BT interface with a readout. The remote allows direct dialing to the channels- it has 5 buttons for each channel so it goes directly to it. It also is automatic when used with a cell phone - just press the green button on the remote to answer. When the calling party hangs up the aids automatically go back to the previous non cell phone channel. The remote has a VC and a so called treble control, but the treble control seems to be a bass roll off control - at least that what happens when it is watched on the computer screen. Although Rexton says you need to wear the remote around your neck to use its mic for talkback on the cell, I put it on the dashboard of my car with the mic pointed at me, and it worked great. When you dial a number (outgoing) the remote senses it and kicks over to the cell phone channel automatically, then back again.

The aids can be adjusted wireless. The dispenser just hangs the interface device around your neck and goes to work.

The Rexton’s also have a 125Hz EQ band which goes a long way towards stopping boominess without sacrificing male voice recognition. They have 8 bands of compression - I think this is acceptable minimum for music. I play tonight with two guitars, so I’ll get a chance to put the music channel through its paces. The noise reduction is pretty good, but I think, in my case, it needs to be reduced a bit, a little too much NR.

For musicians, the aids have a 5th channel that can be set up with the Bluetooth transmitter- they call it a TV interface but it takes line in, so it can be hooked up to a PA monitor send for direct feed into the aids and mixed with the aids’ microphone. And the whole thing has its own EQ and compression settings.

Played last night with two guitar players and an electronic drumset, and the aids handled it all very well. A bit more EQing and adjustment the compression rate and I think the 8 bands of compression will handle the task. None of the compression ducking effect, either -the compressors were about invisible, with quick recovery.

I’ll post more as I go. Next appt. on Thursday.

Still trying to get the Rexton software and interface…

Sorry, it’s been really busy around here.

I got the Rexton Bridge 12 aids and the dispenser fixed the compression issues. Basically, to pass on the info, the compressors need to be backed way down, like to 2 and 1.8. Teh MOL is all the way open, which may contribute to that, but I wanted to avoid MOL limiting until I get the aids dialed in. At this point, I believe I can close down the MOL a step or two. They work much better for music now, actually too loud. There is a low end distortion issue that is being tracked down. I think it is the comps - I went back and had the low end comp reduced from 2 to 1.56 and that helped a lot, but it’s still there. I’ve played three performances, two jazz and one blues band, and they are much better than my old aids, but still need work. Since the aids have 8 bands of compression, and that extra EQ band at 125, I think they can be made to work for music.

I have an appt. Monday and I will see what I can do to improve the sound.I hoe to have time to day to run a sine wave sweep and and piano test, to see if I can pick out the problems. The Rexton software is easy to understand, and I like the fact that give the user levels of complexity. There is a basic level, just treble, bass and volume, then the SW goes in deep with allowing two compression rates per comp band, and 12 bands of EQ.

The remote has a small bug with my cell phone- when texting, the remote thinks you’re making a call, and shifts over to BT channel. when I am typing in, if I stop for a sec, the aids shift back, as they are supposed to do after a regular call, to mic only. But as soon as I start typing, they go back to the cell phone channel. The annoying part is the aids have a beep signal, so, while I an typing a txt, I hear a series of beeps in the aids.

PS--------- I have a Verizon LG VX 8575 phone…

I have more gigs to play this coming week, and I’ll keep updating when I can. Although I I can trust my dispenser, I have much better sound production gear here, so I am trying to get a copy of the Rexton SW. I gather I need a PW and login, to D/L. Anybody have?

Good info. Thanks. A friend of mine is having trouble with a droid phone and both Rexton bluetooth streamers. She uses her droid as a phone and an audio player . The Rexton bluetooth streamers get confused on what they should be at any given time. Sometimes the streamers treat a phone call as an audio stream and sometimes the streamers treat an audio stream as a phone call. I don’t think the designers thought of handling one device as a phone, an audio player , and a texting device. When it works as a single defined device it works good. Maybe they will come out with a software upgrade to handle these " multiple personality devices". My friend also discovered that a droid phone sometimes doesn’t play well with other bluetooth devices. This is pretty much documented on the web.