Rexton Bi-Core from Costco

I have had Rexton Bi-Core hearing aids from Costco for over a year. Mild upper frequency loss typical with getting older.

It’s been an endless battle with them to get them adjusted. I describe the problem, they adjust them and nothing much changes. One time they got them right but they reverted back to sounding bad after a week. Sound is horribly distorted and tinny. They amplify my own voice and background noise, but I can hardly hear someone talking to me. Sound quality is like a cheap AM radio or like having a bucket on my head.

Is it normal for the earpieces to keep backing out of one’s ear canal? Costco says that’s how it is. I have to push them back in every hour or so or they’ll end up dangling free.

Support from Rexton is non-existent. I think I’ll take them back for a refund.

My question is, are there any brands out there that have decent sound quality and fit?

Welcome to the forum, well I take it these are your first pair of HAs, basically you have described most first time users problems, getting ones HAs set up how you like them to sound is a work in progress for a lot of us, but I wouldn’t blame the Rexton’s, all the issues you are having can be adjusted, the biggest challenge for your fitter is they can’t hear what you hear, they can only try and make adjustments based on your feedback, sometimes they sound great in the office, but when you get out into the real world, everything sound’s horrible, this could happen with any brand!

Sorry unfortunately only you can answer this question, all the top brands are pretty good, why not try and sort something out with Costco and try another brand, Jabra or Phillips, also have you considered using a different fitter from Costco?
And no your domes shouldn’t keep slipping out, you need the correct size and by using a canal lock to help keep them in place, again see if you can get someone different at the clinic to help sort it out for you.

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I had the same problem with ear pieces backing out of my ears. This was solved in one instance by obtaining custom ear molds, but later on a different audiologist solved the problem with a different size dome, as @tenkan suggested. I don’t believe that this is an uncommon problem.

I also had the same problem as you with sound quality with Rexton Bi-Cores. The audiologist made a one time adjustment and the sound quality after that was perfect, maybe the best I’ve experienced with any hearing aids.

One of the benefits of buying at Costco is that you’re not locked into one hearing care professional or even one office. Do you have access to a different Costco? Since you’ve experienced this much frustration for this long, I would start fresh with a new team at a different store.

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What do you mean by this part? If they were good then became not good over only 1 week, my best guess is that they got plugged up with earwax and simply needed to have the domes/filters changed

The technician said they had “a new program from the NIH”. It worked well until a week later it was gone and reverted to prior settings. I know this shouldn’t happen and thought it was strange. filters were clean. Rexton electronics are very flaky, so I’m not surprised. I’m in the electronics business, and know when I see a poorly designed product. For example Bluetooth might work, or it might not.
Costco told me I need to delete my headphones from my iPhone Bluetooth list every day and then reinstall them. This seems tedious.
When I use the app, the program selection is somewhat random. I might put them in and be on T-coil and another day, I might be on Noise/Party. Very strange unless it’s supposed to work this way.

I’m very confused by what you’re describing. What is a program from the NIH?

As for the programs, it always reverts back to the main program when you take them out of the charger (turn them on). Only way they won’t is if you’re pushing one of the buttons and changing the program inadvertently. Are you trying to turn the hearing aids on after taking them out of the charger?

As for the Bluetooth, removing headphones from Bluetooth doesn’t affect your hearing aids in any way.

I’m confused by this comment. Rexton hearing aids are a Signia product, which have simply been stamped with a different brand name. Are you saying that Signia electronics are flaky?

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I went to Costco for another adjustment and now they are about unusable for conversation. They work very well to amplify the sound of air rushing out of heating vents and the sound of any nearby refrigerator. It drowns out everything else. I may use the suggestion offered and go to a different Costco.

Costco also said to delete the Rexton app and reinstall it to try to get the latest AI version. I have been unable to get it. Has anyone else tried it?

“Rexton hearing aids are a Signia product”
I’m confused too. I talked to someone from and they said Rexton has no connection to Signia.

Time for a DIY project, you could probably do better yourself.

Well just goes to show how little they know! a simple google search would show this.
Rexton are “exactly” the same product as the Signia models, made by the same company.

All you need for a bit of DIY is the software and hardware (win10 PC and a Noahlink wireless programming device)


Thanks, tenkan!!
I was thinking the same thing. I also saw the software and box was Noahlink wireless.
Found several places to buy the Noahlink box and I already download the driver.
Now to find the latest version of Connexx. Got 9.11, but the latest is 9.9 was giving me sales pitch for their hearing aids. Two levels: $3600 and around $4600, IIRC. Maybe next time.

This is a blatant lie. He’s someone who works for, which itself is owned by WSA (Widex Signia Audiology). He also has to know that Rexton is also owned by WSA. So, for him to say that that there is “NO connection” between Rexton and Signia’s isn’t just ignorance, it’s a lie. Find someone else.

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When they use language like “You qualify”, “Easy payment plan”, “offer expires soon”, you know you are getting deceived.

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Not sure about other areas, but here in the Los Angeles area Costco really refrains from allowing to hop from store to store for adjustments, even when the customer is having issues. One store even told me i would have to return the aids to the Costco i bought them at and repurchase at their Costco then they would provide adjustments there. Another store initially said they wouldnt do it but when i asked to talk to the manager, he agreed to allow adjustments, (gee lucky me). Instead i returned them, bought some used Resound Ones, bought a Noahlink on ebay for less than $100 and got the software here for diy. Just fyi

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Sorry to hear that, @mr.smithster. Not my experience. In fact I’ve been directly told exactly the opposite.