Rexton App

My aids are the KS8s. I installed what I assume is the latest Rexton App (It’s just called Rexton App in the app store) on my iPhone. For me it has been much more stable than the Smart Direct app. The Smart Direct app would often loose connectivity but this one has been rock solid.

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For curiosity, try and see how rock solid it is in some ambient noise. If it works by high-pitched sound signals then it would struggle with a lot of other sound. IIRC the Smart Direct works by radio.

This app connects via bluetooth just as Smart Direct does. It will use acoustic mode if bluetooth is not connected like Smart Direct does. The improved connectivity I speak of is with the BT connection.

I guess I was thinking of the older Smart Remote on an Android which I have for my older KS7’s.
It’s funny though how I thought you had perhaps gone down in version by the way you had said it. :slight_smile:

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If I’m reading it correctly it looks like the first version of Rexton App was released in Jan 2020 and the first version of Smart Direct was late 2017.

App keeps crashing on my iPhone xr. If i delete it and reinstall it, it works till I close it. Then it wont open. Reboot doesn’t help. Good thing I kept smart direct.

I tried the Rexton app with my KS7s. It’s supposed to work, but I couldn’t it to pair. I’m convinced for most people, an app initially sounds like a fantastic idea and soon becomes a toy that is no longer used. I suspect some people with Resounds, Widex and maybe Phonak Marvels may feel differently.

I frequently get phone calls when I’m in a noisy environment. The app is a convenient way to put the microphone volume to zero while on the call. Also when streaming TV or music I often use the app to adjust the frequency response to my liking.

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