Rexton 42 programs

Hello all!

I am wondering what are the available “programs” one can get put onto the Rexton 42 from Costco. I currently have 4…automatic, party/resturants, TV and outdoors.

Are there others…or does one need any others?

3 weeks into first aids and still trying to learn.



I think there are more…there is certainly a Bluetooth phone one and a streaming music one. They are mostly meant for Smart Connect or other accessory wearers, I believe. Personally…I’m keeping mine on automatic all the times. Haven’t set any other programs. I’d rather ‘set and forget’ than think about what I find myself in. That’s what the HA’s are supposed to worry about!


I have: universal, outdoors, noise/person,music, tv, 360. Love the 360, the noise tries to amplify people in a noisy environment. I have just had the aids a week, Had Hansaton Antero before(Siemens 7i micon).

Here are mine:
1 Auto
2. Bluetooth phone
3. Noise party (This is probably your party/ restaurants)

  1. Streaming audio

  2. Tele coil

  3. Music

There is also a “360 Sound” that neither of us has. And if that isn’t all of them available, it is close to it.

The available programs are: Automatic, Noise/Party, iFocus 360, Television, Music, Outdoor/Traffic, Telephone (acoustic), Telecoil (T), Telecoil (mT), Telecoil (MT). In addition, if you have the streamer: Bluetooth Phone, Streaming Audio, Smart Connect FM.

Thanks! Not sure I need any more programs as what I have seems to work just fine for me at this time.

Overall…like I said…totally new to HA and only for 3 weeks. But…I know the TV is not turned up so loud that I am told to turn it down. Out to eat I now can hear what others are saying. So…a good experience so far and no complaints.

One thing for sure…after first going to a local Miracle Ear and feeling like I was being hustled for $6600…my experience with Costco was much better and I left not feeling violated! Thanks to all on this forum for all the input I was able to read, digest and act upon. Glad I was able to find the resource!

Thanks again!


rasmus…what’s the difference between the 3 telecoil programs? Is it worth getting that activated? I don’t think I have it setup right now.


The programs have different microphone input levels. T has the mics completely off, mT attenuates the mics by 6 dB, and MT has the mics on full. You don’t need them unless you plan to use the t-coil.