Revisit Oticon ConnectClip sound quality

I found a topic in here from 2018 that talked about the sound quality when streaming through the Connectclips.

I have OPN1 BTE hearing aids, and after a lot of messing around, an audioligist finally got them adjusted so they work much better than previously (about a year ago).

In addition to the adjustments, we tested some different domes (the rubber bits that go in the ears). They switched me from the 8mm open domes to 6mm power domes - it turns out the 8mm were too big and were causing discomfort when in and more discomfort when pulling them out. The 6mm closed domes appear to seal the canal but they’re more comfortable.

So, the hearing aids are working pretty well.

I rarely used the Connectclip because the sound was not very good, but I’m currently in a situation where I’m streaming audio a lot, mostly voice, from the computer. May be audio book, may be radio.

The sound is tinny, extremely “bright” poor quality, and there’s an audible “pop” or tick when people speak, as was discussed in the 2018 topic. Putting my fingers over my ears doesn’t improve it much, so I don’t think it’s the hearing aids. I’d prefer not to have to wear over-the-ear headphones, but the Connectclip borders on being painful to listen to, so I’m considering getting a set.

There was a section of the discussion that talked about adjusting the Connectclip. Is this something I can do or is this something the audiologist would need to do?

If I’m having the audiologist adjust the Connectclip, should I also have them create a separate program that will help improve the sound when streaming the Connectclip?

Last, it appears (again, from the previous discussion) that the microphone on the Connectclip can be adjusted. Mine is extremely loud, and though I very rarely use it, can I, or the audiologist if I can’t, adjust the volume on that?

I use my connectclip for home phone calls, and for streaming from my MacBook. My only real issue with the connectclip, I believe really is an issue with the Phone Adapter 2, it just will not stay paired with the connectclip. To me the sound is good. I agree it is not as good as either pair of my hearing aids. I have the OPN1 ITE, and my new OPNS1 Minirite r aids. The connectclip is far a head of the old streamers and streamer pros that I have used in the past.
I also have to say I have two connectclips, the one for my OPN1 and the one for my OPNS1 aids. For some reason the one for the OPNS1 aids will not pair to the OPN1 aids. And I have been warned that if I ever pair my connectclip I have for my OPN1 aids to the OPNS aids then it will never again pair with the OPN1 aids, I am not willing to take that chance.

Below is the screen shot on Genie 2 for the Connect Clip that can be adjusted for default starting levels. All of the settings in here must be done by your audi. But the Connect Clip has its own up and down volume that you can manually adjust from the default starting level to your comfort. Have you tried the manual volume adjustment for the remote mic that way?

You complain that the remote mic on the Connect Clip is too loud. That can be adjusted as seen on the screen below for default Remote Mic Loudness. The other 3 adjustments are Hearing Aid Mic Level Relative to Remote Mic (the second row), and the Sound Quality in the third row, and finally, whether you want more or less Power Bass (usually for better bass when listening to music).

So if the Connect Clip sounds too tinny for you (although it shouldn’t be, have you considered that maybe it’s the source of your audio that is tinny in the first place?), you can adjust the Sound Quality to the left most for Fuller sound instead of Brighter sound.

If there’s an audible pop/click when people speak, that usually means that you have the remote mic set way too high by default, or that you set the volume way too high, to the point of distortion which manifest itself in pops and clicks like what you hear.

My Connect Clip is working out very well for me. It sounds just as good as the TV Adapter, or when streaming directly from my iPhone to my OPN 1 without the Connect Clip. If you already tried a second Connect Clip and still have those issues, chances are the problem is in your set up and is not with a bad Connect Clip.

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OK. I was HOPING this was something I could do, but apparently I’ll have to call the hearing aid folks Monday to get a time to go in and have them adjust the Connectclip…

Do ANY of the major hearing aid providers enable the users to access the necessary software and/or whatever to make adjustments to the operation of their hearing aids? 'Cause it would be a lot more convenient than having to go in and get adjustments made…

Yes absolutely you can do this, DIY is the way forward for anyone like yourself,as only you know what you are hearing and being able to make adjustments on the fly is very convenient, as for your Oticon connectclip you can adjust the frequencies in the software, so as to get the best sound for your loss, plus get it set up how you want it to “hear”
The software is easily accessible and plenty of people on the forum to help you out.

The software is easily accessible and is free. The slightly harder part is to fork around a couple of hundred bucks to buy the hardware interface to work between your hearing aids and the software. And of course you will also need to be a little tech savvy and have the DIY attitude. But there’s plenty of help and directions on the DIY forum here plus knowledgeable people to help you out if you’re so inclined to go this route.

If you just want your HCP to make the adjustment for you but you don’t want to have to come in for it, you can inquire with your HCP about using the Oticon RemoteCare app to get it programmed for you remotely.

Thanks. I’ll go take a look at the DIY info. I had a response that the software is available, and I can make adjustments to the Conectclip by having it plugged into the USB port on the computer. I’ll go over and see what I can figure out.

OK, interesting but unsuccessful… I think I need more specific informaiton. I can find a 2017 topic about “self programming”, but I didn’t find a specific pointer in there to the software. I can also find a topic that SHOWS the Connectclip in “End Fitting”, but again, no pointer I can find to get the software on which the “End Fitting” was displayed.

WHERE is the DIY “section of the forum”? I looked at categories, I looked at tags, I wandered aimlessly…

Does someone have a pointer directly to the software I need to download to change the settings in the Connectclip?
Will it WORK by connecting the Connectclip to the computer via USB or Bluetooth? Without any additional hardware?

Hearing Aid Self-Fitting and Adjusting [DIY]

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I also did a reference to you in the thread below so you can find it more easily. Note that you won’t see this DIY forum when looking for the latest posts on it because the admin prefers to keep this forum kind of semi-hidden. If you want to see new posts in any of the threads in the forum, you’d need to manually go into the forum to see new posts, if any.


Without any hardware to interface between the computer and your OPN hearing aids, the only thing you can do by plugging your Connectclip directly to the computer via USB is to update the firmware on the ConnectClip to the latest firmware, if not already. I don’t really recall my ConnectClip having any firmware update ever since I bought it a few years ago. It’s unlikely that your ConnectClip needs a new firmware update anyway.

The settings related to the ConnectClip in Genie 2 requires the hardware interface between the computer and your OPN hearing aids. That’s because those are OPN settings inside the hearing aids related to the ConnectClip. They are NOT setting that changes anything inside of the ConnectClip per se. They only change the ConnectClip-related settings inside your OPN hearing aids.

That’s what I was afraid of. There was an earlier reply that appeared to indicate I could modify the Connectclip by connecting it by USB. I had a feeling that was going to be too easy.