Review- Resound Omnia custom in the ear

A little over three weeks ago, my wife and I were both fitted with Resound Omnia Custom in the ear aids. My previous hearing aids were 5 year old Resound Fortes. My wife had Rexton Bi-Cores from Costco fitted in 12/2022. She liked the performance off the Rextons, but she could never get a comfortable fit, even with custom molds. She returned the Rextons to Costco. Her ear canals are very small, and we crossed our fingers that the full shell Custom in-the-ear Omnias would fit. They do fit and she is very satisfied with the performance of the Omnias.

I wanted an upgrade in performance, and ITE convenience with no interference with glasses, masks, or parka hoods. I am satisfied with the performance of the Omnias. Today’s appointment tweaked the speech in noise setting and it seems to be an improvement. I have little difficulty with low noise conversations and group meetings.

Large buttons to change volume and programs - We both have speech in noise and outdoor programs for wind programmed in the buttons.

All day comfort. No problems with glasses or hats or masks.

The all around program is great for television - my old Forte’s produced a buzz with TVs voices.

Rechargeability. The custom case works well to charge the aids, though it does not have a battery.

The resound app for our iPhones (we both have Iphone 13’s) is unreliable - it often won’t connect. The Resound tech said that we need separate Apple IDs for our phones, but this would eliminate the Apple iCloud synchronization between all our Apple devices. After today’s appointment to tweak the settings, I think I can get by without using the app.

The wax traps have to be changed far more frequently than with our old hearing aids, since they sit deeper in the ear canal. We have started checking wax traps every night with a jewelers loupe.

There is more occlusion effect with in the ear hearing aids than with my previous domes. I have gotten used to the sound of my own voice, but I still am very aware of the crackling if I eat tortilla chips…

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You can use two different Apple Ids like we do. You can share photos, whole photo bibliography, folders if you like it. With family sharing you will get storage, apple store and so on. So smart 3d app is very reliable for us.

When we had our first followup appointment, the Resound tech suggested two apple IDs. However, we find ourselves not bothering to use the app, since the buttons do what we need to change programs and volume.

dont you have vents?