Review of Costco Hearing Center in Fort Worth, Texas area

This is an overview for my customer experience. I live in N. Texas, Fort Worth area. I never had more than a few days (2-4) to wait before an appointment. I have been able to trial all aids except Rexton (did not have available for home trial) I had the Resound for a week as well as Philips both were returned needing more adjustment. Currently use K7’s. I trialed the K9’s for 20 days before returning them. Retrying the adjusted Philips (was ask at home as others states can’t tell much in a store evaluation. Was told all I needed was mgr/store mgr approval. Don’t know if I was lucky or if you just need to ask. K9 had issues for me at Walmart with the Christmas music overriding voices. Fitter said voices in music would not be correctable with fitting programs. I had a few other issues but felt they could be corrected. I’m not sure what to gain with newer aids, but my aid allowance runs out this year. Would like to stay with Costco because of ease of appointments, free domes and cleaning (done without appointment) and sometimes they give me a pack of free batteries. I guess this could change with staff turnover.

It sounds like you are getting above and beyond service. Our Costco does not offer home trials. You have to buy them, and return them if you don’t like them. That said my KS8 aids were sent back to the factory and they did give me a set of demo aids to use until they came back from the factory. All in all they are a pretty good place to deal with. They took back my custom molds with no questions asked, even though I was well over the 2 month return period.

I guess I should feel very grateful. When I had to have my k7’s repaired they gave me trax for loners. All of the aids I taken home had loner stamped on them. Hope I did not jinx myself for letting everyone know that those services can happen. Guess you can see why I want to try to stay with my Costco for a new hearing aid. The one thing I did not get was a REM when trialing . Happy Holidays