Reverse Slope

My first time posting , I have a CB low frequency hearing loss ( reverse slope ) is there anyone else in this forum with this rare hearing loss .

Welcome to the forum! Yes, @Abarsanti is one that comes to mind. I’m sure there are others.

Hi @jrecktenwa

As @MDB mentioned, I also have RSHL. There are others too for sure who have posted about having low frequency hearing loss.

There is a tag for reverse slope posts which you can find in the hearing loss category.

Welcome to the forum!

Yes i am too. See my audiogram for refrence
wired more than low freq. Loss

Hi Everyone,

I have a congenital mild/moderate hearing loss in the low frequencies. I have had it since my 20’s, my aunt, granddad, mother, and uncles all have it. My aunts turned into a profound loss, we think due to all those 1970’s concerts, and she now has two cochlear implants.

I am now 47, and my husband is tired of me asking sorry, sorry, what, what all the time. I had testing in 2013, but I didn’t pursue anything, and I just had a re-check at Costco two days ago, and I am going to try out the new Costco brand aids. I am hesitant as to the benefit they will truly have, as I feel like I have managed for so long, and I’m unsure how well they will be able to program the aids to give me the amplification I need in the lower frequencies, but I’m going to try it out. I find I am asking more and more people to repeat themselves or getting in their space trying to hear them.

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Welcome to the forum.

Sharing your audiogram would help us understand your hearing loss.
I would bet hearing aids will help you very much. Costco is a great place to start.
Good luck.

I too have low frequency sensorineural hearing loss. My mother had it and my sister also has it.

Mine has deteriorated over a long period (I am 68) and it got to the stage late last year where my partner was so sick of repeating everything that I decided to take the bull by the horns and do something about it. I have Phonak Marvel M90 aids with a custom ear mould. The sound difference is amazing - I can hear my partner now, I can hear the TV, I can hear the birds. I am not saying they are perfect - I still have problems with speech in noise but I have an audiologist who is not afraid to think outside the square and we are trying different options to sort this. It takes some time to get used to wearing them as everything sounds so strange but the benefits are really worth it.

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Fitting a reverse slope loss is difficult, you need someone highly experienced.

I’ve input my audiogram. I keep justifying to myself that my higher frequency hearing is so perfect I can make do, but then my husband is getting increasingly annoyed with my lack of ability to hear him. I have found myself really struggling to make out what some people say. Larger groups, I tend to check out. Of course, many women, I hear just fine.

I felt the same way with my lower frequency hearing but when it got down into the 30 dB range I realized how much I was missing.

Hearing aids would help you a bunch. Don’t be surprised when the fitter recommends some type of closed dome or even custom earmolds.

Costco helped my wife with hearing aids. She is tuff to please too.
Good luck.

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I have had RSHL since birth. Tried hearing aids over the years and never liked them. Just got some Oticons and I am still tweaking here and there. Open fit is the way to go for me anyway.

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I had my hearing aides fitted or installed today. lol. We’ll see. He did a real ear measurement that I read about here, but I was unsure of all the channels and whatnot. I didn’t get it connected to my phone, and he says he has me at 85% of my max? It’s all very confusing, so I figured I would just go with the two weeks to adapt myself and figure out what I’m hearing and what I’m not and keep good notes. When I got out of the sound booth, I felt like all I heard was sounds, but I couldn’t necessarily hear people talk. A lady talked to me while I was waiting in line, and I had to ask her to repeat herself, but I’m really going to stay positive. My next appointment is in two weeks, and my fitter thinks these will help, and he seems willing to continue to help me.

I plan to get connection to my phone in two weeks. I just want to get used to them first.

Which aids did you get?
What domes/earmolds did you get?
You can probably set your phone up to your aids without the fitter.

The costco k9. I have closed dome. He said they did have a tiny vent since I am new. He said this is a good initial step, but it sounded like the plan is to get me into completely closed because of the low frequency loss. He didn’t mention any programs, so I’m confused. I may get them connected. I found the directions in the booklet, and I downloaded the app where it seems I should have my programs. It just seemed like he wanted me to have two weeks to wear them and get used the the newness. Does this seem reasonable?

Getting started with no manual programs is not uncommon.
Try to take notes about the aids for the fitter. Pay attention to the environment you are in at the time.
Have you paired your phone to the aids?

I haven’t connected them yet. I’m waiting for my husband to come home, and I figured I would take them out and show him then and pursue connecting them at that point.

I will definitely take notes.

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