Resound Vida vs Forte 8



I’ve had the Costco Resound Forte 8 for 5 months now and I’ve been generally pleased. However, very recently the detent clip on one of the battery doors broke off. With a little Googling and speaking to a Costco rep, I learned this is somewhat common with this HA. Anyway, I understand the Vida has replaced the Forte. Since I’m within the 180 day return period, is there any reason I shouldn’t upgrade to the Vida rather than have my Forte repaired?


I wear the Forte 8, and have busted the clip on the right door twice. Never busted a battery door on any other aid in 20 years of wearing them. Otherwise they are great. I’m waiting for the Quattro equivalent with the sealed lithium rechargeable batteries to solve that issue. The aid still works fine without that little clip, but it shouldn’t be happening.


Any tips on how to avoid breaking the detent clip? I haven’r broken one yet. And Vida users, echoing Dooley157’s question, any problems with the clip?


I only open the doors to the clip stop every day. I open it all the way only when the batteries are being replaced.


Vida user here…had mine since beginning of November with no issues with the clip breaking.