ReSound verses Bernafon

I have worn a Siemens BTE open hearing aid for 5 years and have never been happy with it; terrible on background noise situations which the audiologist has never been able to correct even with multiple programs. I just went to Costco and had a complete hearing test evaluation and tried the ReSound RIE aid which I was very happy with. I also looked at the Bernafon unit but did not try it. I have some questions which I forgot to ask the audiologist before I left the store and have not purchased either aid at this time.
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The ReSound does not have a remote controller so all program/volume changes are made via switches on the ear unit. I have used a remote controller with my Siemens so I am not sure if this would be a problem with the ReSound? Any comments on this? The Bernafon does have a remote controller. The Bernafon does have Bluetooth capability which I am not sure would be a benefit for me. Also I was told that changes to the ReSound would require that the changes be made to each ear. Does the Bernafon remote controller make changes automatically to each ear?
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I have profound word recognition loss in my right ear and have not worn a HA in that ear since I have been told an aid would not help. The Costco audiologist recommended a ReSound aid in that ear since she said it would help with “location” problems even if it did not help word recognition. Not sure what she really meant by that?
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So any comments and thoughts on these 2 aids from Costco would be greatly appreciated.

I can’t speak about the Siemens options but I do know that Costco has several connections for the Bernafon devices. There is a basic remote which will change programs and adjust volume. It seemed a little large and heavy in my opinion. The SoundGate device is bluetooth device that can be used with computer, cell phone, iPod or any other bluetooth device as well as adjusting volume and programs. It seemed to be much lighter and compact than the basic remote. They have TV adapter device which will stream TV audio into your HAs directly and a telephone adapter. I have only looked at the basic remote and SoundGate but have not tried any of them yet.

You said that you are very happy with the Resound, so go for it.
It is not a feeling that take place often you know.
Also I cannot understand the advantage of a remote control.
Stay away from siemens.

Hyperion – I am wondering why you recommend staying away from Siemens? They supposedly make the best hearing aids out there…

Well except I have bad experiences from siemens, eg. siemens nitro CIC (actually MC), I am not the only one in the forum who complain about the cheap electronics and the feedback problem of siemens hearing aids.