Resound smartfit 1.10 can not launch, what is OKB?

Hi folks,
I have downloaded Smartfit 1.10 and unzipped. Now there is an app called Smart fit standalone. When I open it , all I can see is Patient data.Can add new patient and audiogram but not saved. I can not launch the fitting software. Installation process stops before installing program files I get a notification "This feature requires OKB on your hard drive.
What is OKB and how to get it?
Thanks for any assistance.

Where did you download the ReSound software,sounds strange probably an incomplete unzip or something, if you go to the official download site you won’t have any issues installing.

Uninstall what you have and then download and install from official website.

Download from official GN support site.
I have unzipped some 5200 files / 358 folders total 2 GB. Install shield wizard confirms everything installed. Still, when I try to open the app there is only the page with patients. No menue , no launcher. Have tried several times and versions, same result.
Would you by chance have a better download link?

I think that’s correct, you simply add patient/client and then add audiogram, next will open to add/connect HAs, from there depending on model of HA, SmartFit or Aventa will open for programming.