ReSound Smart 3D app disconnects when screen locks

I’m using the ReSound app for my Preza’s. It’s a generally good app that does hook up to both my personal Android Galaxy 9+ and work-issued Galaxy 10e (both updated to Android 10 OS). My only issue is that the hearing aids and phone breaks once the screen locks. I reconnect the aids, I have to unlock the phone, open the app, force it closed (by pressing the three vertical bars at the lower left of the screen and flicking the app screen upward), and reopening the app. While not the end of the world, it’s an annoyance. Does anyone know how to keep the hearing aids linked to the phone while it’s locked? TIA

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Is your phone set up to allow the Smart 3D app to run in the background? Tap on the 3 vertical bars on the bottom left of a home screen (|||). Then in the topic Finder box, start to type Sleeping Apps. Then tap Sleeping Apps in the Search results. In Sleeping Apps, see if Smart 3D is there. If so, tap and hold on it until it’s selected, then pick Remove from the bottom of the screen. If you want to see what your allowed to run-in-the-background apps are, from the Sleeping Apps screen, tap Add, which takes you to a list of apps that can run in the background and if you want, you can remove any you don’t want running all the time when you are in that Settings view.

Sometimes I have a problem with BT connectivity when I first launch the Smart 3D app - my HA’s are not reported in the app. I just toggle BT off and on again in the pull-down Quick Actions view (or whatever it’s called). That’s a lot faster than restarting the Smart 3D app.

I use the Smart 3D app on an iPhone, but the app may work the same on Android phones. To quickly reconnect/re-pair, go to the “More” tab at bottom of app screen, toggle “Demo mode" on and then off. Go back to the Home tab, and you should again be connected. No need to force quit, or even reinstall, the app.