ReSound Phone Clip + Problems

I am a new HA user- have Resound Linx3D. I am having trouble using the phone clip+. At times, even when paired with my phone, it seems like the clip keeps toggling between programs (all-around, phone-clip, and back). Has anyone else had this problem? Also, at time when I answer a call, the caller can hear me, but the caller’s voice doesn’t go to my HAs but just to my phone (in my pocket). I had my audiologist replace the phone clip because I thought the first one was faulty, but the new one is doing the same thing.

I’d ask her to call the Resound rep. He may be aware of what is needed.

I am using the ReSound 3d and the Multi-mic, not the phone clip. I am unsure I can help, since I don’t have that device. But I was wondering: why are you using it? My aids stream directly to the iPhone. I use the Multi-Mic to get sound from the computer (or anything with an aux out) as well as for direct input from speakers in noisy places. The few times I have had an issue with the aids bouncing back to All Around from the device were due to the device not being powered on properly (e.g., battery very low on the device OR battery low on the aids(s)).

That is true- I don’t use it much. I thought it would be useful when my phone is inaccessible- in a pocket when I am gardening (muddy hands, etc). The Multi-mic does work great, and also the TV streamer. Resound had a deal in December, buy 2 accessories, get one free, so I got the phone clip too:-)

do you have an iPhone or Android? Apple has a bug in its iOS audio handling code that causes these issues.

I have an Iphone- SE; I noticed that it keeps dropping from “hearing aids” to hearing aid phone. It must be the IOS code. My audi seems stumped too.

Can’t speak to the program cycling unless you have a button that is stuck.

On answering calls, you have a lot going on.

I suspect if you look at your display when you have an incoming call that you are presented with 4 options to answer the call 1. the phone itself, 2. the phones speaker phone, 3. your hearing aids, 4. the phone clip (which then relays the call to your HA’s).

You can go into the iPhone settings under accessibilty to set how you want it answered.

I have Resound Forte, iPhone 6S+ and the Phone Clip+ (which is connected to my office landline to which I have a bluetooth transmitter connected). I direct calls to my iPhone to my hearing aids. I direct calls to my office landline to my Phone Clip + which then relays them to my hearing aids. It all works well.

I leave the phone clip + at my office, as I have no need for it other than for my office landline calls. I think - over time- you will find using the phone clip+ to deal with your iPhone calls is not worth the extra trouble of dealing with the third device.

Report it to Apple:

I would ditch the phone clip, life’s too short :slightly_smiling_face:

Try turning on the Phone Clip first. Wait until after your phone has connected to it (hearing aid phone) and then turn on your aids. Your phone will then change to the hearing aids and it tends to stay there much better.

I know it makes no sense, but it seems to work.

Thanks TexasBob! I think that may be the trick!

OK so I did have my audi call the Resound rep, and I think we have figured out the problem. I will post in case anyone else has the same thing. In iOS there is an option in HA settings that is causing the problems. In Settings, go into General, then Accessability, then Made for iphone HA- uncheck the option “Play ring tones” and reset phone. I also had to reconnect my phone to my hearing aids, but this seemed to fix the glitch.

Do you know what the “Play ring tones” setting does? I guess makes you aware of a phone call by playing the ring tone in the aids? I never saw that setting before. Thanks.

Not sure, but the Resound rep said that seems to interfere with the phone clip

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the enabler for MFi receiving calls. Seeing that you want to use the Phone Clip +, you wouldn’t want MFi active.