ReSound Phone Clip+ and laptop connection?

I have read that others have connected their Phone Clip+ to their computer. What are the proper steps to do that? I haven’t been able to find them anywhere… just instructions for a mobile phone.
Help Please.

I have Resound Lynx HA’s

You will also need to put the computer in pairing mode. I imagine that’s your difficulty. Check the docs for computer/BT-adapter.

I am currently evaluating the Linx2 and was wondering the same. I am pretty happy so far (OK, its been a few hours only…) with the iPhone connection. But miss being able to stream audio from my Mac to the hearing aids. The impression i have is you need the PhoneClip+ to do so. Has anyone else tried this? Thanks.

The phone clip + is a great little accessory. It will handle up to 8 BT devices. The iPhone etc. use a proprietary version of BT Lite. It isn’t available currently with any other products. The clip should give you better sound than you get from the direct connection. I found that to be the case. I believe it is because the clip can provide greater bandwidth.

Right now I’m using Linx2 9 HAs with an iPhone 6s. I’ll be getting a Phone Clip+ soon. The question I have is will I still use the direct connection for control via the Smart app, or does the Clip+ provide the only connection?

Bob, I’d suggest you try it both ways and pick the one that makes most sense for your usage. You should get a bit more clarity with the iphone/clip. You’ll also get full hands free operation. That’d let you answer/talk with the iPhone in your pocket. Going with the iPhone only gives you less to haul around and gives you the triple click feature.

Maybe I didn’t explain it right, KenP. I already know I don’t like the iPhone only connection for phone calls. The ability to control the aids with the Smart app is good, though.

What I’m wondering is if I can continue to use the Smart app (with BTLE connection) for control, but use the Phone Clip+ for all phone calls & streaming.

I am guessing here as I haven’t tried it. The smart app is also available with some Samsung models. That’d seem to indicate the apps aren’t tied to BTLe for control. The only way to know is to try it or ask your audiologist to verify it works before ordering. Sorry I can’t be more help.

At home I use the iPhone only and the Resound phone app or the built-in iPhone app to control the program and volumes.

At work, I use the Clip+ with a Bluetooth adapter on my multi-line desk phone. I have used the iPhone built-in app to control the individual volume of the mics and of the Bluetooth signal. While doing so, I can also change the program while on the phone. I also have used the volume control on the Clip+ and well as the volume control on the phone itself. They all work. So choose the best option that works for you and enjoy

Yes, you can connect both your iPhone and Phone Clip+ to your hearing aids at the same time and work with them seamlessly. The iPhone connects via BLE and Apple’s MFi protocol, while the Phone Clip+ uses ReSound’s proprietary 2.4 GHz low-power protocol.

Thanks guys. That is exactly what I wanted to know. My VA audiologist had no idea.

Bob, you answered my question regarding phone clip I will purchase adapt do you no how much they cost?

Brill thus was my plan to use phone clip at work only. I must get asap how much are they? I’ll need it for work. Tomorrow will be mr first day experiencing my new resounds lynx2 9. Today working with kids I couldn’t understand them clearly I was picking up surround sounds and only one Sid working while using iTunes and you tube

Which model phone clip go with resound linx2?
i would like to purchase one

Phone clip +