Resound phone clip and business phone connection

What do I need to connect my Resound Forza phone clip to multi-line business phone at work?

I suppose I’ll need a BT transmitter for the phone.

Any suggestions or previous experience?

If you use the search feature, you will find a lot of info on business phone devices.

Maybe you’e had good luck using the search feature, but I never have. I know member Don has experience with this. Maybe he’ll chime in.

I’m here! My work phone has two lines but I think the same concept applies. First, do you have a headset option on your phone? If not you will have to wire into the handset (not hard). I have a headset jack on my phone and I just connect to that.

I use the Plantronics MDA200 and connect both phone and desktop computer to the MDA200. It has a USB port on the front and I have a version of the bt300 plugged in there. My version of the bt300 is the SSP2714-01.

There may be new models that supercede the mda200.

You will also need, and this is important, the EHS cable for your model phone.

If you don’t have a headset port on the phone you will have to cable up using the handset and I think instructions for that come with the EHS cable. Without a headset port you will have to lift the handset or have a lifter.

Mine works great. I can answer the phone from the Resound Phone Clip+ and that’s the way I handle all meetings.

OK, my 10 or so year old Jabra A7010 Bluetooth Hub that was plugged in between the handset and the phone bit the dust :frowning: And Jabra stopped making them before I even bought mine some 10 or 12 years ago. So I’m looking for a new solution as I hate getting into speaker phone battles. It was so nice being able to mute the mics on my KS6’s and just hear the phone call directly in my aids. So my phone does not have a headphone jack (???), a multi-line Lucent MLX-28D that has been on my desk before I came here in 2002. What is with this USB connector on the MDA200? Where does it connect to? And you mention another cable being needed that is phone specific??? Where do you find out which one you need and how do you get one? Needless to say, Plantronics support wouldn’t even talk to me. “You don’t have a Phonak hearing aid? WE can’t help you.”

HELP!!! Are there other working solutions to get Bluetooth out of an old multi-line office phone???

I found Plantronics to be helpful but it depends on who you get. They have websites with information on EHS cables. Another option would be a vendor that your company uses for phone equipment. They may have a Plantronics rep. There are also Plantronics dealers online.

OK, the MDA200 wires up to the phone. It, the MDA200, has a USB port on the front of it. That’s where you plug in the bt300 or the ssp2714-01 (let’s call it the USB dongle). The USB dongle is what communicates with your hearing aid Bluetooth device.

Once you get the equipment and get it hooked up PM me with any questions. It’s not hard, you are just wiring in an additional device into the phone and it sounds like you have done this before.

How though does the MDA200 connect to the phone? It looks like it goes between the wall jack and the phone, not between the telephone handset and the phone as the Jabra did. I have a wide flat ribbon about twice the width of a normal wall jack to phone wire from wall jack to phone. It is an older, very older, multi-line Lucent business phone. It is a small company and I don’t think we even have a phone equipment rep for them any more. My secretary tells me they pay a monthly maintenance plan, but the phones are so old and decrepit that they can’t be ordered/added on to or replaced. She is going to send me their contact info but I am not holding out much hope in that direction. And how do you determine which add-on you need, or is there just the one type of bluetooth dongle?

OK Don!!! I found the MDA200 user guide. So it does plug in between the handset and the phone, that works for me! Now, on Amazon it looks like you have to buy the power adapter separately (?) is that true? It does not come with a power supply? And, using it with your aids, (Costco Resounds?), do you use the BT300 bluetooth dongle? Is that needed to go to the Resound Clip or Clip Plus and is that the correct one for them? I have the Costco KS6’s.

By the way, a co-worker bought me a replacement Jabra A7010 on Ebay even though I told him not to. I told him Ebay is JUNK and you don’t know what you are getting. He insisted. His $13 thrown away!! It did not come with a power supply, making it useless, totally so. in fact it was just the brick, no cover plate, no cables, no power. It would cost him $10 to ship it back he said, so he said I should just toss it. I mean I told him “NO, don’t do it!” I was going to give him $20 if it worked, but did not mention that as I did not want him to lose and knew the price was way too cheap to be any good.

Okay, I went ahead and ordered the MDA200 after finding the user guide for it, as well as the power adapter and the bluetooth adapter. I already received the power supply adapter, don’t have any free powered USB ports on the work computer and don’t have to worry about it as it will always be plugged in. The bluetooth is due tomorrow. But the MDA200 will not come until maybe Oct 25th. That appears to be the case wherever I look for it, and I prefer Amazon for its return policy. No restocking fee verses 15% at NewEgg, and same wait time at Walmart. Looking forward to getting the new toy on line and working.

I use the ssp2714-01 instead of the bt300. It is supposedly optimized in some way for hearing aids but I don’t know how. I don’t have a power supply. Mine is connected to my desktop PC which has benefits also. Mine works really well. I’m in a lot of Webex meetings and I go through the phone for the audio portion but I think I could go through the Webex site for the audio if I have the correct drivers. I haven’t tested that. I do get PC audio through the MDA200

It got delivered yesterday. Very tough setting it up this morning. I plugged in the power supply, plugged the line between the phone and handset and the MDA200. The BT300 went into pairing mode when I plugged it in. Had to unplug it again to put the Clip + into pairing mode, then plugged the adapter back in. They both went to blue lights almost immediately. The first customer on line said she could barely hear me so I set the mic volume to 3 and she said it was perfect. Life should always be that difficult!!

i am hoping to pick up a pair of Resound Enzos2 9series. how would i set these aids up with a mitel ip phone system, the phone model i use is Mitel 5330 and it does have an head set socket free. so what route should i go down? i have looked at SSP 2714-01 but doesnt say if its compatible with Resound.

i would be greatful for any help

The MDA200 with the SSP2714-01 works great with my Resound Verso (Costco model). You would need the Plantronics EHS cable for your specific phone model

Hi Don

i had info back from Platonics no mention of n EHS cable though? they got down MDA200 + BT300 SSP 2714-01 + Users existing Bluetooth hearing aid compatible pendant (would i need this part? i do have a resound multi mic if that helps)

I think they are talking the Phone Clip + as the BT compatible device. It isn’t a pendant but a clip on. It is an excellent BT device with solid range and provides bidirectional BT.

Hi Ken

just spoke to our phone provider, they say they do not have EHS for mitel phone. however they do have this phone…

would this be of any use to me, with a pair of Resound Enzo.

This is the problem – it isn’t Bluetooth; so, it won’t work with aids:

  • DECT-based design: DECT 6.0 cordless technology provides higher quality voice transmission, density, and less interference compared to Bluetooth

Look at these alternatives: (transfers calls to your mobile device) (optional BT device)

Hi Ken

i ended up with phone clip and bought a mitel blutooth module, didnt need a EHS calbe but all works great. thank you for your input, it was appreciated

Hello! I am new to the hearing aid world. I am excited to find this forum. I have a Cisco IP Phone 7940 series and would like to use my hearing aid with it. My hearing aid is a Resound Enzo2 9. I have the MDA200 on order as well as the BT300. I will be ordering the Phone Clip+ when I visit my Audio next week. Is there any other piece of equipment I need?

Thanks again for the support!