Resound phone clip+ alternative

Does anyone know if there is any alternative to buying the phone clip+ for on the go phone calls and streaming music from an android phone?
My gn phone clip micro USB charging port has broken off the circuit board, gn support want nothing to do with it as it’s outside of warranty.
Needless to say, I’m not happy. The pocket clip also broke over time and the silver cap lost, due to the retaining clip snapping. GN customer support is shockingly bad, hence I’m wondering if there is any other way to avoid buying a replacement unit.

@kiltguy4 welcome to the forum. I’m not sure about a replacement for the phone clip. I’ve only had mine for around 10 months and the clip has broken. I agree they are not a very robust product, for something that get used several times every day. But I have managed to fix mine using a Small Command Spring clips. Hope this helps anyone who does use this item.


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@Deaf_piper that’s a clever idea. Can I steal your picture to send to my friend. Her Phonak ComPilot Remote Mic clips broke and is looking at a way of DIYing it rather then buying a new one.

That’s a great idea, unfortunately I have just taken it apart on the workbench and it’s beyond repair as the copper track has been torn off the circuit board when the usb port detached.

Thank you kindly for getting back to me. Its weird for such a small thing but it’s left me in tears to lose that lifeline to my music collection.

I’ll save up for a new one in a few months hopefully.

Have a good day my friend and keep safe.

Kind regards

There is a phone clip on eBay that states having a broken clip for about $45.

Thanks, I’ll have a look, I’m UK, so it depends if it will ship.

@Zebras of course you may. One picture didn’t upload. So here it is.

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@kiltguy4 I found this on the Aussie eBay site. This one is in the UK.

ReSound Phone Clip | eBay

Thanks all, I was given information as to where to buy it direct from resound for £150.
Trade prices for GN wireless accessories, TV Streamer, phone clip etc.
Password: Unite

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Thanks to @Deaf_piper I can now wear my ComPilot without any issues.