Resound One tech 7 - 10 days in I still sound like a robot to myself - programming tips?

On day 10 of Resound trial, I still HATE MY VOICE. I do not sound ‘tinny’, I sound like a 1970s synthesizer got a hold of my vocal cords and I am a robot. Like the worst, buffered stream ever. Multiple tones at once instead of a clean tone. I am worried and feel like I have to change brands to get out of this mess. Is there any programming settings I have over looked?

Mild hearing loss 2 and up, more in the 6-8, hearing aids primarily to aid speech over noise. ‘Barely’ need aids.

So far here is where are, after 3 visits to Audiology (and me breaking down and grabbing a noahlink wireless).

  • upgrading the tech kit from 5 to 7 last trip for a trial
  • upgrading from standard RIC to M&RIE
  • open domes
  • M&RIE vs All-Around vs Omni
  • eliminating compression
  • setting DFS to Music (the least obstructive mode)
  • Reducing Noise Filter II to min
  • Multiple types of open domes running DFS on swaps
  • Disabling Feedback Guard
  • Audiogram+ vs the NAL-NL2 initially selected (liked the world on Audiogram+, hated myself more on Audiogram+)
  • Impact set to min setting.
  • At full volume of original fit script (took a week to edge into but now it’s fine)
  • Changed from First Time User to Experienced Non Linear after week 1

I have tried reading out loud during the day, speaking outloud, having normal conversations with my partner – my voice continues to be robotic if I find myself speaking with projection. This happens indoors, outdoors, in the car - anywhere I speak, there’s a hint of robot, and the farther up I go to project, the worse it gets.

I shouldn’t need closed domes for my minor hearing loss, but other than going closed, I don’t know what else to change to try and get over this robotic/multi toned mess of my voice.

Wow is there anything you haven’t tried ; )

Ok first thing is post your audiogram up and WR (Word recognition) if you have them, it’s important for everyone to offer solutions (if any!)
One thing to remember is “Don’t go changing things to soon” like some people need months to get used to HAs depending on ones loss, although you don’t like the sound of your own voice, what’s most important is how well do hear, as in it sounds like your happy enough with how your hearing in the world, which is really the only thing that matters.

We’ll all this going to do is make them sound like your heads in a barrel! Occlusion is not something to take lightly, maybe/possibly custom made molds is something to look at, but without seeing your audiogram…
Robotic sounds are the higher frequencies, which most likely are the frequencies you haven’t heard is a long time, so could be something as simple as adjustments there.

I am aware of the experience of the fellow who wore glasses that flipped the world upside down - in 2 weeks his brain flipped it back for him. When he took them of, took 2 weeks to flip it again. Neural plasticity is fine. Adaptation is fine.

This is Diplacusis AKA double hearing, only present when the hearing aid is in place. I had a brief bout of it 7 years ago - had a huge work up with imaging, checking blood vessels, making sure I was sensitive to cold/hot air that makes you spin etc – but it resolved, and went away. My hearing remained stable, thankfully – so perhaps a viral infection that did some damage and moved on.

This isn’t proper double hearing as I can can better, and well, exterior nosies. This is where I can hear my husband, the tv, the dog yawn – but my voice is so bad I would rather not speak. It’s so incredibly grating to my ear to hear multiple or offset tones.

If I talk in a ‘husky’ range, and very softly, I can avoid it, barely. I sound like a 1950s starlet. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh this is very unfortunate and unusual, i had to google diplacusis ! Sorry I certainly can’t comment or offer advice for this or on your current situation, as when I looked at your audiogram I instantly said “but you don’t need HAs”
I’m sure our resident professionals will be able to offer solutions for you.

Best of luck.

I don’t “need” hearing aids, but the correction for tinnitus alone is awesome - quiet rooms are the devil. Beyond that, the life long history of learning disabilities , slow to walk, to talk, 6 years of speech therapy through grade school with overly fast speech and trouble with all the ma cha ka la ta – ball, bowel and bull being one word, “slow like the turtle not fast like the hare” – I will take the digital assist far earlier than is normal if it helps me with the auditory processing side of things.

I am sometimes shrill in loud social settings, and it’s my voice, creeping up on me, because i can’t hear myself over the din and my brain’s answer is ‘more volume’ until my voice is the one everyone points at as ‘rude’ . Sigh.

Im with you on the sound of your own voice. I am a one side cochlear implant wearer, right side currently un aided. My ci comes with this AI (auto intelligence) that im using currently. It is supposed to weed out background noise. When im watching tv and the room is quiet, someone speaks, its loud then soft. When i answer my voice startles me.

I am still in learning mode lol

Hi Kiki, I’d also suggest you move this to one of the more general categories. You’ll get more people to see your post. The DIY category doesn’t show up in the All feed.

You aren’t asking specifically for diy help, but more general is there anything that can help this in the settings