Resound Linx Quattro Stream Quality

How do owners of ReSound Quattro find the sound quality when streaming music?

I’ve got mild high-frequency hearing loss (sorry haven’t got a copy of my audiogramme). I’ve very mild low and mid frequency loss and then my audiogramme is like a cliff edge at at higher frequencies. When I stream music from my ipad, the sound is all treble and no bass. I know the limitations of an open dome but tried 2 other pairs of aids before this and the sound quality in both cases was much better.

If I use the the app to boost the base and reduce the treble then its better but still unbalanced.

To my ears, its like its trying to amplify the streaming the signal the same way it does an external signal, ie it doesn’t do much with the base and middle.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? I’ve checked with my audi and he tried tweaking things but it hasn’t made much difference.

If you look around the forum, you can find a variety of different opinions on the streaming quality of Quattro’s on treble vs. bass, etc. For example, this main thread on the Quattro’s:

Having a car with a great sound system where the subwoofer can make stuff on my body vibrate if I foolishly crank up the volume, I’ll have to say, YES!, by comparison, my Quattro’s really lack bass output. Most Phonak Marvel users seem to think those HA’s have stupendous bass output - but I’ve read a post where someone claimed that treble was sacrificed in comparison(?). I wear pretty occlusive molds so theoretically when streaming I’m getting a few tens of dB of bass boost by not letting low frequencies escape my ear canals. The bass is still not as good as my car audio or even the bass obtained when wearing my Surface Headphones over my HA’s (the added bass from those blasts its way through my molds - with the Surface Headphones, I can get some “sound” from a tone generator app on my smartphone down at about 20 or 30 Hz, even below the official low-frequency cut-off spec of the headphone!).

I’m not an audiophile and probably don’t appreciate if I’m really missing anything. But I’d say with occlusive earmolds (worn for other reasons) that I have pretty good bass with my Quattro’s. I mostly listen to talk podcasts while streaming and I think the overall quality and tone balance of those is pretty good, especially with my earmolds.

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I set up one of the unused “spaces” for specialized programs in the App for streaming music. I mostly boosted the base. I’m also no audiophile, but that works well for me.

Horrible imo compared to Phonak Marvels, or Signia charge and goes, but hats just my opinion

I have the Resound Quattro’s on trial, having worn UK NHS Resound’s BTE for the past 3 years. So far, I am unable to find much difference, in general use between the two. I like the idea of being able to stream from my iPad and iPhone to the Quattro’s. I find in doing so, the sound is just awful, like listening through a couple of tin cans. I have tried boosting the base and cutting the treble, without any success. Yet wearing headphones over the aids the sound is very good.

Sorry boosting the bass and cutting the treble

I’ve tried ReSound Prezas (Costco Quattros) with both open and closed domes. Streaming sounds pretty good to me with the closed domes, but very tinny with the opens. I’ve only had them for about 2 weeks, and they’re currently programmed for open domes. When I go back in October, if my audiologist can’t adjust bass for streaming only I’ll probably try having him program the aids for closed domes.

Everyone is going to have a different opinion. I tried them, they sounded good but the Bluetooth connection issues steered me away. Some folks have no Bluetooth issues, and some do. I did, they didn’t play well with my iPhone XR.
Try them out and see if you like them, most have a trial period of about 90 days.