Resound Linx 3D - Hearing aids volume randomly changing

Hey everyone! Long term hearing aid user and long term forum person here. Question for the group…

I’ve had my Resound Linx 3D hearing aids for 2+ years and I spend a large portion of my working day talking on my iPhone 11 Pro Max via the hearing aids and participating in online conference calls on my laptop connected with the Phone Clip+.

The one thing that is recently driving me crazy is that the hearing aid volume keeps adjusting on its own. You will be on a call and suddenly you hear a few beeps as the volume jumps up/down a few clicks without touching anything. Sometimes it’s just one side and other times one side changes quickly followed by the other side. Not sure if this is a bug in iOS or if the hearing aids are reacting to some kind of Wifi/Bluetooth interference present in the house. Everything else works just fine…it’s just the volume changing on its own.

I’m very tech savvy and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software multiple times as well as disconnected and reconnect the hearing aids from the phone and Phone Clip+ many times.

Has anyone else with Resound hearing aids experienced this strange behaviour?


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When my ComPilot is linked to my HAs to act as a remote, my volume would jump around without touching anything.
If it’s not linked, the volume stays the same.

Is your phone clip set to act as a remote? Or does it do it without using the phone clip as well?

(Sorry have no ideas about Resound aids.)

Hi, I have the ITE Resound Linx 3D and have not experienced what you are experiencing. I use my iphone for bluetooth phone calls and do audio streaming. I have noticed that on occasion when the HA switches from blue tooth streaming to the normal program the volume does sound low for a few minutes and then later it is back to what I perceive as normal but I do not hear any beeps. I have experienced delays in program/volume changes. When I change the volume/program on one HA it some times takes several minutes for the other HA to make the change(ear to ear communication delay). I read some where that Resound has improved on the streaming/bluetooth in the new Quattro platform HA.

I haven’t experienced hearing beeps with volume changes. What I have experienced recently is that I will be on a call and one HA or the other will fade out and I get some static. Each time that has happened, it’s when I’ve been in the same room as my IPad. When I walk out of the room, my aids stabilize again and the call is clear. One time–but not the other–my iPad had bluetooth on. The other time, my VPN (Tunnelbear) seemed to be trying to make some connection, because (in the Ipad settings) I could see that it was turning on and off. I make a practice of never turning bluetooth on on my iPad, not because of this interference, but because right from the start (a year and a half ago) pairing got messed up if I tried to have both my Iphone and my Ipad stream to the aids. I don’t really need streaming on my iPad, so that works for me. And I always turn off and close my VPN apps unless I have a significant need for it, such as in a hotel.

So this only happens when using the phoneClip+ on a call, is it the same for music streaming?

This is normal, the HAs are linked, so are supposed to do that.

Highly unlikely as this has just started happening, the only thing that would really interfere would be a microwave oven or cell phone towers, and this of course won’t change the volume!

It sounds to me that it’s not a software problem but a hardware issue, the push button switch on the HAs or the volume control buttons on the phoneClip+ could need a clean.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I don’t think its a hardware issue because it does this with the Phone Clip+ off and I’ve noticed it only happens when I’m either on a call with the iPhone or the Phone Clip+ or just after I hang up. If I don’t take any calls via Bluetooth, it never happens. It’s almost like the hearing aids change modes when starting a bluetooth audio connection and then during the call or after it is completed, the hearing aids get mixed up and try to restore to the wrong previous audio level. I still think its a bug that’s caused by having multiple Bluetooth connections active at the same time. In otherwords, if you have the Bluetooth service active for your iPhone, Phone Clip+ and iPad at the same time, the hearing aids somehow the hearing aids get mixed up when starting and ending a Bluetooth connection.

Just my two cents. I will keep messing around to see what I can find.


Ok so what happens when you connect and take a call on a android phone? this will tell you straight away if it’s the iPhone “iOS Bug”

But anyways if it’s happening when your on your iPhone taking calls and happing when using the phoneClip+ on Skype from your PC, plus happiness when the phoneClip+ is off, but only while connected by bluetooth = a very weird issue!

So this problem only happens when you are taking phone calls?
What about streaming music or YouTube videos, same problem?

I cannot see how this could affect the volume control or interfere with it.

One other thing, did you just get a new phone or update the iOS firmware?

I think it might have to do with the MiFi, as it tries to connect with IOS devices. I am not using my Multi Mic, and have shut the MiFi setting to off.

I have the new Quattro HA’s, only have had them for a week so will watch for this issue.

One thing more. In the Iphone accessibility settings, there’s something called “hearing devices.” My audie initially turned on “hearing aid compatibility” that supposedly improves the audio quality. I don’t recall exactly what problem I was having in the early days of my Quattros (I think it was that I’d lose an aid when streaming) but I got help either from Apple or from Resound and they had me turn that OFF.

I think I’ve got to the root of the problem. Can someone else explain why the volume levels on the Resound Linx3D keep randomly changing and getting messed up when you doing the following. Try this:

  • Open the iPhone Control Center by dragging you finger downwards from the top right corner (see attached photo).
  • Note that the volume slider has a little Ear symbol indicating that the slider adjusts the hearing aids volume.
  • Turn off Bluetooth by clicking on the circle with the Bluetooth symbol.
  • Note that the volume slider changes to a “Speaker” symbol indicating that the slider is now adjusting the speaker on the iPhone.
  • Also note that the level on the volume slides appears to drop when Bluetooth is turned off.
  • Turn Bluetooth back on by pressing the circle with the Bluetooth indicator.
  • The symbol on the volume slider now changes back to an ear and the volume indicator on the slider increases.
  • The Resound Linx3D hearing aids now go beep-beep and randomly change volume (for some reason). They always go back to a random volume level. Not the level you have them set to.

Anyone else find that this happens? Can someone explain this me? I think its a bug.


One thing that can influence BT performance, IMHO, is Android security software updates. Since I’ve gotten a number of security updates from Samsung for my Galaxy Note 8 running Android Pie (v9) over the last few months, my HA’s have begun to behave flakier with the ReSound Smart 3D app. So correlation is not causation but for whatever reasons connectivity between my ReSound Quattro’s and my smartphone 3D app is not as great and reliable as it once used to be. From time to time I wistfully think of iPhones and think “be careful what you wish for,” that all the “freedom” of choosing various Android phones and being “free” of Apple’s tight control of its OS and hardware is wishing for an uncoordinated morass. But I really like to write and draw with the Note 8 stylus - Apple needs to forget about Jobs and come out with a writing/drawing implement for at least one phone model same as it has for its tablets.

Yes! and it was making me lose my mind! I have discovered that the rapid beeps, followed by a single beep were the app switching from phone mode to all around sound. Trouble is: I wasn’t making a phone call! The HA’s were just randomly switching to phone mode and back again! Repeatedly! A little distracting, would you say? Then it went into phone mode…and remained there! I couldn’t switch programs, it was frozen! Not in app, not by pushing buttons on HA. I have finally emailed my audiologist to see if she knows how to address this. She recently cleaned and replaced my tubes, etc. I thought it might be an update on the app that is causing more problems. I finally shut blue tooth, deleted the app, and opened the HA to disconnect completely. Went to bed…haha Today I reconnected everything and so far, haven’t experienced this. But I’m a bit worried it could happen again at an inappropriate time. It seemed so random and I didn’t know what caused it. If my audiologist fixes it, I will let you know what she did. But you’re not crazy…I’ve had mine for two years and no problem whatsoever before this. Hope it just goes away on its own. LOL hang in there.

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Have you added any apps, changed settings in your phone like notifications?

These hearing aid phone apps can sure be nice or cause problems.