Resound Enzo - wind noise

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has anyone has any success with wind noise using resounds aids. i have got wind guard on strong but there is no difference in the wind noise program compared to all around default program. i cannot hear a person talking to me when there is wind so its a little bit frustrating. Not tried riding bike yet but i have a feeling its will be worst.

just want to see if anyone had any success before going to Audi.


Try turning down your lower frequency (Below 1000hz ) mid-high intensity g65/80 levels a bit in one of the additional programs - the aid will sound more tinny, but it won’t roar so much. It’s what your Audiologist might try if the internal wind noise management wasn’t up to it ;-).

Leave the basic program alone, so as not to corrupt your speech understanding and possibly add another one in slot 4 - Outdoors - using the small down arrow in the tab above.

I’m new to this myself, but I think there are at least two types of “wind noise” to consider.

  • One kind is the sound of wind in the environment - wind blowing through tree branches, over rough surface, past edges of structures or objects, etc. causing turbulence and creating a background noise with a "whooshing" quality. With normal hearing, this is commonly heard and can make others difficult to hear.
  • The other kind is the sound of wind blowing across the microphone of your hearing aid itself creating a "foreground" noise artifact with a "roaring" quality. This is common with any microphone unless some measures are taken to reduce it, but normal hearing doesn't usually involve this problem.

I’m not sure which of those the “Comfort in Wind” adjustment is supposed to affect, or whether it’s something else entirely.

When I’m driving my convertible, the “Comfort in Wind” adjustments do affect how much roaring noise I get from air blowing on my hearing aids. It’s still usually better simply to mute the mics in that situation because others with normal hearing typically don’t hear well in that situation anyway.

I think you are right. I don’t normally get wind noise but at certain times it can become shrill as the direction and way I’m facing draws wind across the mics. It does attenuate somewhat but it is still an annoyance.

Hi Guys

thanks for the input, its an interesting theory from snevetsm and i agree with his comments. My issue seems to be the wind hitting the hearing aid mic. at the moment the wind noise is unbearable when hits my hearing aids head on. i had siemens in the past which had multiple mics so the wind noise may not have been an issue with these a the were probably intelligent enough to re-direct the mic e.g. if wind was head on it would revert to the mic at the back of the aid…but again i am only assuming this.

in the mean time i am going to try what Um Bongo had advised and see if its any better. on the iphone i have the wind adjustment but not sure which is the best for wind block, is it towards the left or right :slight_smile: …you will understand if you have the resound app on phone

thanks guys

First off, I note this thread is about Enzo HA’s and I have Cala 8’s (Linx2 9’s), so the programs and settings may be different, and the sound processing may also be different.

Keeping this thread in mind, I drove my car with the top and windows down all day yesterday at speeds up to “I’d rather not say in a searchable public forum” and tried to maximize the chances of some serious wind noise. I never got any noise from wind on my HA mics at all.

In the car I usually use a Favorite based on the Outdoors program with “Comfort in noise” and “Comfort in wind” maximized, the left mic muted (because that ear faces nothing but wind and road noise) and the right mic at about half of default (so I can still hear my passenger, alerts from the car, etc.). I have bass turned down a little, but that’s more because of the car’s exhaust than because of wind. Just using the default Outdoors program (with the left mic at default sensitivity) I still didn’t get any wind noise on the mic but I certainly got a lot of general road noise and the same wind noise for which I wore earplugs on long drives before I got HA’s.

Move the slider in the “Comfort in Wind” tab in Sound Enhancer all the way to the right to increase suppression of wind noise.

I’m not sure if driving a car with the top and windows down the ultimate wind test or not because you’re still sitting right directly behind a humongous windshield, so there’s no direct wind coming from the front and all you get are blown-back winds from behind. I think riding a bicycle at 15mph and up is a better wind test IMHO.

It assuredly is not the ultimate test.

It’s a test, though. It also involves both of the types of wind noise I referenced upthread.

Well, not all that big. The top of my head is a little higher than the edge of the windscreen surround. I suppose it depends upon ones definition of “humongous”.

Apart from the wind on the top of my head, that’s correct.

Not true for my car. Anything that isn’t stowed correctly is likely to get blown around or out of the car. An example from the drive I mentioned is that after I put an empty plastic water bottle in the cupholder, it blew out, hit me in the chest, then bounced around the interior for a a bit before lodging under my seat. Brimmed caps will get blown right off.

Perhaps. What can you report about your experience having done that wearing Resound instruments?

Sorry I don’t wear Resound HAs so I can’t report what wind noise management is like on a bicycle with Resound. But the wind noise management on the OPN I wear performs as expected (wind noise is suppressed to a comfortable level although not diminished completely, but I don’t expect it to go away altogether anyway).

But I think beside managing wind noise to a comfortable level, management of speech clarity in wind noise is another aspect. So a valid test to be done in your car with wind noise management is to have the top and windows down and try to carry a conversation with another passenger in the car to see how well you can hear them. If you can hold a conversation in that situation with little effort then the wind noise management would be a success.


i have changed the settings as you have it and its much better now thanks. still some wind noise but no where near as bad as it was. Road noise is still the same though. i may need to create another program for the car noise to try out :slight_smile:

thanks for your help

You need to understand there are several folks on here with evidently a tremendous amount of free time who prefer their guessing or imagining to actual experiences. Don’t know where this guy is that wind is that constant… If he already has the wind noise to max then put a pair of sweatbands on the aids.

If wind is hitting the mics, there isn’t really any programming changes that the take that out well. It can suppress it, but it will make other things harder to hear as well. The only thing I have found that really helps with wind noise are the Ear Gear covers. They make a huge difference in wind with my Resound ENZO2 hearing aids (and other hearing aids I’ve owned).