Resound enzo Q is not in my Cochleair CI app

Hello everyone,
I am stefan fro. The Netherlands and since august this year i had a surgery, a CI in my left ear.
Now after 3 months of training and using the cochleair smart app on my samsung galaxy S22.
Since yesterday nov 1st in the hospital is my Resound hearing aid in my right ear linked with the CI.
BUT… its not in the app of cochleair :thinking:
Anyone this problem? The hospital is going to find that out why its not showing up and call the company Cochleair, soon i hear more.

But maybe someone has this too??

Welcome to the forum.

My understanding is your CI audiologist has to set up this connection in the Cochlear software for your Resound hearing aid and your Cochlear processor to function together in your smart phone.

I looked at the Cochlear website and your phone and the hearing aid are compatible with your Cochlear processor. It should work once set up by your audiologist.

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Yes they did it with the cochleair software and resound showed up in the software.
Its only weird why it not showed up in the app.

Does my resound hearing aid need to be update thw firmware?

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Have you tried un-pairing and forgetting the processor and hearing aid in your phone?

Then boot your phone.

Then go through the pairing process again.

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i unpaired and disconnected the CI in the CI app and also in my bluetooth list.

I test it again and when the app recognize my CI on the left but on right ‘Unknown device’’??? It have to recognize my Resound Enzo Q 5 BTE.
Strange, i wait when my hospital get some info from cochleair.
What i also discoverd is that when i connect my resound enzo Q with the resound smart app. I see 2 devices in my bluetooth and both works, for music streaming and phone call…but resound is not in the cochleair app :frowning: .

still weird and i cant find any solution on the internet
And that is what i want so i dont have to use 2 apps.

I remember people saying there is a Resound hearing aid update and maybe an app update too. The N8 caused a few problems at first until all the correct updates were done.

I believe the Resound app will be on your phone as well as the Cochlear Nucleus app but you will only need to use the Cochlear app for all functions with both the processor and the aid.

@Deaf_piper is bimodal and I think using the N8 and Enzo aid. Her name is Sheryl and is very helpful.
@ssa is also bimodal and super smart about this stuff. Maybe he can help.

Enzo Q is not supported in the Cochlear app, It only support the Resound one and above… I know it is really stupid because they still offer the enzo Q model for almost 4-5 years now


I agree with @ssa, I got my Enzo 3D my aud told me 3.5 years ago don’t choose Enzo Q.

@ssa would Enzo Q work with the phone clip?

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This is a copy and paste from the Resound website. It sure gives the impression the Enzo a d should be compatible.

Streaming to my smart bimodal hearing solution
Together with Cochlear we offer a smart bimodal solution that ensures you can control your settings and stream audio directly to both ears from compatible iOS and Android™ devices^. This means that with a Cochlear™ Nucleus® 8, Nucleus® 7 or Kanso® 2 Sound Processor and a compatible ReSound hearing aid* (ReSound OMNIA**, ReSound ONE**, ReSound LiNX Quattro, ReSound ENZO Q, ReSound LiNX 3D or ReSound ENZO 3D hearing aid), you can control your settings and stream audio directly to both ears from a compatible iOS or Android device^.

*Only BTE and RIE models support a smart bimodal solution**Cochlear Sound Processor bimodal users are unable to use the ReSound OMNIA or ReSound ONE hands-free calls feature.^ Requires that the phone manufacturer has enabled Android Streaming to Hearing Aids

Cochlear App compatibility
The following table lists the sound processors, operating systems and devices^ that are compatible with the Cochlear’s range of Smart and Support apps.

And then I found this…
Nucleus Smart App Logo Nucleus Smart App
Sound processors
Nucleus 8 Sound Processor
Nucleus 7 sound processors
Kanso 2 Sound Processor
Compatible ReSound Hearing Aids
ReSound ONE™ 9 BTE* and RIE* models
ReSound ONE 7 BTE and RIE models
ReSound ONE 5 BTE and RIE models
ReSound OMNIA™ 9 BTE and RIE models
ReSound OMNIA 7 BTE and RIE models
ReSound OMNIA 5 BTE and RIE models


yes, you don’t need a phone clip because direct bimodal streaming still work but the app require resound one or higher

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Omg no way.
Only resound omnia and one are compatible for the cochleair app?. Shit why is Enzo not possible? Its a big device amd the resound smart app recognize it but cochleair app not (:thinking:

Do you have a link of that webIte where you found that so i can show it to my audicien of the hospital.

Thanks for all the info, i hope resound and cochleair will make them compatible.

@ssa well i have to wait and hope that cochlear update their app.
I discoverd that if i pair the resound with thwir own app and N8 with the cochlear. I can hear the streaming music and phone calls. But need the phone as mic to speak the caller.

I use the resound phone clip for my windows laptop, because i can use the Bluetooth to hear the music in both devices and videocall.

If i want to use the phone clip for hands free calling, than only N8 must be connected with my phone and the clip. Than is hands-free possible to both devices. Music only CI because i test it with the clip but the sound is low on my CI while de Resound is perfect.

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